Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday Fun Post

This is something I have been very good at during my lifetime.  Attending Catholic school didn't help. The older I got the more trouble I got into for talking. Once an old nun named sister Mary Rita asked me I thought perhaps I were a mother hen! I did enjoy a quiet moment in the office of my counselor, an old priest who just smiled and held his head in his hands! Father Everett Chandler. That is second to what I am really good at. Remembering names and faces. visit Sandee and share something silly today.

Here is tiny Thor. He is a fierce warrior of the worlds. He has a wagging tail that is so happy when you left him run outside. We have some huge black birds in our area so we have to keep an extra close eye on these pups. Angela who use to host Tuesday Show and Tails recently lost her mom. I will remind her to stop by for a smile. She is another blogger I miss terribly over here. She got into her phamily ancestry and social media. I have had a few rough times but I love blogging. I wish she would come back too.

When we tried Blue Apron we were impressed with the meals they sent us. This one was a favorite and still is for me. Green Chili Spicy Pork chops  with summer squash and quinoa. Truly it is not that spice even with the addition of a jalapeno pepper chopping finely into the topping. It is delcious and filling. You can find the recipe at Blue Apron. Now I am really getting hungry.

Please remember Jene in your prayers. She is having multiple retinal tears in her eyes and it is very scary and frustrating. My favorite grandma lost her sight in the 1960's due to detached retina. I have been told I could lose my sight from it as well. so I take extra special care of my eyes. They are a valuable tool in our lives. Please pray for Debbie G and her phamily. They have been tossed and turned in the storms of lives and yet their faith never wavers. Pray for health and peace for Debbie and her siblings. Pray for Ken another blogging buddies brother. Someone is always needing an extra prayer. I enjoy prayer time and my list grows longer each day. Rebecca, another kind heart blogger lost her momon Christmas Eve 2017 and it is difficult her for living without her mom. Her late father was a Nazerene pastor and two days ago a plane carrying 10 Nazerene pastors and their spouses perished in a plane crash in Cuba, leaving ten young children orphaned. Thank you in advance for all your prayers.

God is good even when we do not understand why he allows such tragedy . Thank you for stopping by.


Sandee said...

How fun. Thanks for joining in.

So you were the talker in class. Such a small thing compared to some of the kids acting out now.

Prayers for all those on your list and especially you.

Have a fabulous Tuesday Fun. Big hugs. ♥

Brian said...

Little Thor is such a mighty cute one! Purrs and prayers from all of us too.

Mevely317 said...

Aw, I love your unselfishness ... always thinking of others and soliciting prayers on their behalf. I'm honored to be one of your prayer warriors.

This first slide and your opening paragraph made smile so big -- just like the opening on Sean Dietrich's story about his mom today (Facebook). I envy your ability to remember names and faces! Our new church members are so friendly, but I'm having a dickens of a time remembering all their names ..... too embarrassed to keep asking. Pretty soon they're going to suspect I'm senile!

Kathe W. said...

thoughts and prayers for everyone.

messymimi said...

Does Little Thor act like he can take on every big dog he sees? Some are like that, including a little terrier i know named Chuck Norris. He is convinced he can defeat the world!

You and your friends will be in my prayers, too.

Cathy Kennedy said...


Thanks for stopping by. It was a joy to read through your Tuesday mewsings. Oh, I certainly understand your concern with eye health. DH had retina reattachment surgery last year in March. Three weeks ago, he had a combo procedure on the same eye to have the oil bubble (left behind from retina surgery) and cataract surgery. He has always been very near-sighted and his surgeon said that in itself makes him a likely candidate for this sort of problem. Medical technology has improved vastly and while there's a risk of losing the eyesight, I think the odds are ginormously favorably that one's sight can now be saved. We're feeling confident and blessed. God's goodness allowed things to fall into place purrrfectly. We shall remember Jene in our prayers, as well as for you, and the other special prayer needs of those mentioned. We serve the Great Physician and He can heal anyone of anything! Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Curious as a Cathy

Edna B said...

Thor and Lulu are just darling. So sorry to hear you've been sick. Seem like there's always something going around making folks very uncomfortable. Glad to hear that you're getting better. We do have to take very good care of our eyes. They are so important. I've had cataracts removed in the past from my eyes, and I'm so thankful that I have good eyesight. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.