Friday, January 25, 2019


Today, January 25th is the birthday of a great running man. Steve Prefontaine overcame many obstacles to become the greatest runner. He died tragically May 30, 1975. But he lives in the hearts and minds of all runners. I Love this quote attributed to him. I hope Pre, you are resting in peace.
Prefontaine lived during a time of turmoil in the tragic  Summer Olympics 1972 . I doubt today's pampered Olympians would have wasted their time under the terrible conditions given to these men and women who ran for the USA and other countries. Like all sports, these athletes ran, played, jumped and cracked a bat, among other things simply because they loved their sport.
If I could turn back the clock on these old knees I would have pushed myself harder. I would have ran faster and with more discipline. But life goes forward and I can only try to continue staying healthy for as long as the Good Lord has the mind to keep me here. I know lots of "oldies" who still run today. What a blessing for them.
Caption this! I was thinking, "it can't be morning yet" or "I give up". How about "I Plead the 5th!" You can stop by and visit Feline Friday. Laughter and fun are always good on dreary days. I heard a gal say it was pouring rain in Orlando and another mention they were at Disney World and the rides were closing. The weather has been wacky lately.

I loved my bathing suits back in my toddler days. I think my older sister Pat may have written the date on the back of this photo. It states my name and 1956. My father loved caring for the two large pine trees that graced our front yard. After he passed away they were cut down. Still breaks my heart because he was such a wonderful man and took care of those trees like he did his phamily. I would like, for one day, to have money like a billionaire. I would buy my entire childhood neighborhood and bring it back to life. I am mortified at what the people who bought my folks home for pennies did to destroy it. Zero pride in ownership. My father would be brokenhearted. He built that home from the ground up. People are so careless in this world today.

I have scrapbooks filled with postcards. This was not mine  ( I was not even born yet til 2 years later) but rather it was addressed to my older brother Eddie and the postmark is 1951. My uncle Louie and Auntie Ang were visiting my mom's baby sister, Auntie Jo and Uncle Tom when they lived in Texas City. We always were blessed to visit Galveston. Auntie Ang claimed, until the day she passed away, that I was a toddler, sitting on the boat with my folks and a seagull flew overhead and pooped on my head. She said I cursed like a sailor (which I am sure I learned from Uncle when he drove us to the Dairy Deluxe in Bessemer). My folks never had a recollection of that and my daddy would simply say, Ang likes to embellish the truth!
Oh how truthful this statement is! I don't know anything about this Marie Kondo but she certainly isn't anyone I wish to know! I do not like the minimalism that people seem to worship today. Sterile like a coroners slab. Keep taking away from the old folks left behind and you will not have any history left. Period. It is kind of like our American  and World History. If you change it to suit yourself, the truth is gone and nothing important is left behind. I will choose my memories and mementoes over any thing that is the current rage!

I am grateful to have all these postcards. When I get all my scrapbook albums together, as I Plan to recreate them in new books, I will find the postcard from mom's sister Mary showing the original Twin Towers. It also has a date marked postmark on it and was shortly after the towers were built.. I'm so glad my mom left memories for me to sort over.
I could not read the postmark on this one, but it was postmarked in Mexico in the 1950's and addressed to my folks. My mom's baby sister Auntie Jo was an adventurous traveler. She and Uncle Tom traveled everywhere.This postcard was in black and white.

Until we meet again, Go make some memories and spread some love and kindness. Don't forget to pray.


Sandee said...

I could run when I was young too. I was fast too, but not anymore. Hubby was a distance runner, but running on sidewalks took its toll. Bad knees.

Aw on that kitty. My caption would be, "Aw, the weekend is finally here."

Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend, my friend. Big hug. ♥

Mevely317 said...

I'm unfamiliar with Pre's story, but your message has encouraged me to 'investigoogle' him. Man, this old world needs more feel-good news. Your first slide (Fatigue/Coward) came at precisely the moment when I needed it most. Thank you for being YOU!

Debbie Harris said...

What a great post!
I appreciated what you had to say about minimalism and the elderly, good for you!
How sad that your childhood home has not been respected and loved, yes, your dad would have been quite saddened. To think that those beautiful trees have been cut down, what a waste.
You were a cutie patootie in your swimsuit! :-)
Praying for you~

Buttercup said...

Really enjoyed this post. I never was a runner -- surgery at 19 stopped any ideas of running -- but this hip surgery totally put an end to any thoughts I might have had. Happy to be getting back to walking and hope to start getting my miles in again soon. Take care!