Saturday, August 3, 2019

Alphabe Day, Pink Saturday and More

I am reminiscing today. Thinking about an old friend, Jenny Matlock. I miss her and for a long while after her health deteriorated I kept in touch. The last few letters and notes I sent were unanswered. I decided to  celebrate Jenny and all she did all the years she hosted Alphabe Thursday. I start going through the alphabet and than something happens and I lose track of it all! I get scattered and busy and hate using that excuse. Everyone is busy. I need to organize my time better. I think that is the worst excuse people use to brush you off. Simply say no, not interested. It is the same thing with that annoying emoji people constantly use. The thumbs up! Just my own thoughts on a lazy Saturday morning.
In eleven days we will be flying above those clouds heading to a sunny (hopefully) beach for a few days. So let me start my Saturday post with the letter "A". Jenny if you happen to see this or hear about it, know you were the very best Alphabe Thursday teacher.
I am going to try to do three letters each day. "B" is for bicycle. In the city of Denver today, cyclists have taken over many city streets. They are wanting legislation ASAP! Two cyclists have died this year, one a mother of two and the other a quiet gentleman. I understand their demands but when I drive in downtown Denver cyclists weave in and out of traffic, stop and go at red lights and break the law. If they all abide by the rules of the road I am all for changing the law.

Ah...the bovine. I use to work for a CPA and he was a good ole cowboy. He use to tell me  smelling cattle in the air was simply the smell of money! Yesterday in Colorado Springs, a Longhorn escaped from a parade and entered the lobby of a building where many people were milling around. He was lassoed by a cowboy on horseback and taking out of the center of the city. He was a mighty fine looking fellow.
Not to confuse you regarding our alphabet system, I do know it well! I wanted to share a precious pink pig for Pink Saturday. Pigs equal bacon and people go gaga over bacon using it in candies and other deserts as well as sandwiches and breakfast strips! This fellow looks like he wants to tell you, "Eat More Chick in " like the Chick Fil A cow!
I am forever asking, in my prayer time that God give me a sign or information to use regarding whatever I am praying about. He recently gave this to me. Tomorrow I will continue my ALphabe Day quest and share more. Thinking decluttering....
Yesterday we babysat Harrison and Alastor. My boy Harrison was camera shy but this chunky monkey brother of his, Alastor Avery took a few photo ops with me.This guy is teething and currently going through tough times when mom and dad leave him. The moment they hit the front door, he was ready to jump into their arms and head home.
This was too cute not to share. Lisa, a gal I know received this pillowcase from her friend Roseann. Those two crazy gals were on a road trip and enjoying the sites in Dallas, Texas. They also shared some of the yummy goodness they ate along the way.


Little Wandering Wren said...

Doesn't time fly I think we probably met through Alphabe?! I agree Jenny is missed!
Happy hols when you finally get there!
Wren x

Brian said...

I am always ready for happy hour naps!

Dogmom Diva said...

Love me a good nap! Where are you headed on vacation? Message me!

Mevely317 said...

Oh, I've SO got to get me one of those pillowcases. Truth!
Too funny about that rogue longhorn; wouldn't you have loved to have been there?
I do hope Jenny is reading this; loose ends make me nuts. (Yep, I always go imagining the worst and there's nothing I can do.)

PS - Looking mighty cute in your sundress!