Saturday, August 3, 2019


It never gets any easier for me. I loved this man, Thurman Munson, the catcher for the New York Yankees. Pictured here with Richard "The Goose" Gossage. He was amazing human being. Although he was never admitted to the Hallof Fame, he is a hero to me and an example of how a pro athlete should be. Sitting at my desk at Transamerica Title in 1979 on this fateful day, I heard the horrific news, Munson was killed in a fiery plane crash. He was the pilot.
I was able to see the Yankees play at the old Angels Stadium in Anaheim. But He was gone yet never forgotten. A man who died while telling his two friends to get out before the plane exploded into a fireball. He died liked he lived, a hero. He was piloting that plane and he was pinned inside of it. He left his beautiful wife Diane and three young children.Thurman Munson was a family man. He was going home to see them.
He did not have a terrific childhood. A father who was a truck driver never gave him credit even when he succeeded in the MLB. He could never please his father and vowed he would never treat his own children in the same way,
Thurman Munson was my second favorite baseball catcher. My dad will always remain number one with me. Even though I was not born when he played semi pro ball. I have heard many stories from my friend, who's own father played the game with my dad. Her dad pitched and my dad caught. She reminds me that my dad like her own, was a man, salt of the earth. Loved their faith, their phamily and baseball.  On this 40th anniversary I am hopeful I will see all these great men again, oneday.
R.I. P. NY15
Did you know, if you follow baseball, Yogi Berra was a catcher too?
A kitten with a glove and baseball. I think this sweet share fits into the Feline Friday fun. Say hi to Sandee and the gang and come share feline fun.
Humor on a bittersweet Friday.
Because he was the greatest man I ever knew.
I love the game the way my dad loved the game. Baseball is my favorite sport.


Brian said...

WOW, the Dad here had forgotten about that sad plane crash. The glove kitten sure is cute though!

Terra said...

I had a great and good daddy too, and there is a sports connection, my dad was a sports writer and editor. Jesus promised he prepared a heavenly home for all who love him, so we live in hope don't we?

Sandee said...

What a lovely post to a great man. I remember this too. So sad.

Aw on the kitty.

Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous weekend, honey. Big hug. ♥

Mevely317 said...

Even tho' I wasn't a fan of the game, I remember when Thurman Munson passed. Only reading your post did I know of his last unselfish moments. Yes, there will be amazing reunions someday, somewhere up there!

Edna B said...

Thank you for the memories and photos. I really enjoyed this post. My Dad didn't play baseball, but he sure did love to watch the games. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.