Monday, June 8, 2020

Aw...Monday and More

This frog was sent to m by Hannah. She likes to catch the frogs at the pond. Of course, she never keeps them. But this one was being kind ornery. Visit Aw...Mondays

It made me thing of an old song that was here:
Froggy Went A-Courtin'

A frog went a-courtin' and he did ride, M-hm, M-hm.
A frog went a-courtin' and he did ride,
Sword and pistol by his side, M-hm, M-hm.
He rode up to Miss Mousie's door, M-hm, M-hm,
He rode up to Miss Mousie's door,
Where he'd often been before, M-hm, M-hm.
He said, "Miss Mouse, are you within?" M-hm, M-hm,
He said, "Miss Mouse, are you within?"
"Yes, kind sir, I sit and spin." M-hm, M-hm.
He took Miss Mouse upon his knee, M-hm, M-hm,
He took Miss Mouse upon his knee
Said "Miss Mouse, will you marry me?" M-hm, M-hm.
"Without my Uncle Rat's consent, M-hm, M-hm,
Without my Uncle Rat's consent
I wouldn't marry the President." M-hm, M-hm.
Uncle Rat, he laughed and shook his fat sides, M-hm, M-hm,
Uncle Rat, he laughed and shook his fat sides
To think his niece would be a bride, M-hm, M-hm.
Then Uncle Rat rode off to town, M-hm, M-hm,
Then Uncle Rat rode off to town
To buy his niece a wedding gown, M-hm, M-hm.
"Oh, where will the wedding supper be?" M-hm, M-hm,
"Oh where will the wedding supper be?"
"Way down yonder in the hollow tree." M-hm, M-hm.
The first to come was the little white moth, M-hm, M-hm,
The first to come was the little white moth
She spread out the tablecloth, M-hm, M-hm.
The next to come was the bumblebee, M-hm, M-hm,
The next to come was the bumblebee
Played the fiddle upon his knee, M-hm, M-hm.
The next to come was a little flea, M-hm, M-hm,
The next to come was a little flea
Danced a jig with the bumblebee, M-hm, M-hm.
The next to come was Missus Cow, M-hm, M-hm,
The next to come was Missus Cow
Tried to dance but didn't know how, M-hm, M-hm.
Now Mister Frog was dressed in green, M-hm, M-hm,
Now Mister Frog was dressed in green
Sweet Miss Mouse looked like a queen, M-hm, M-hm.
In slowly walked the Parson Rook, M-hm, M-hm,
In slowly walked the Parson Rook
Under his arm he carried a book, M-hm, M-hm.
They all gathered round the lucky pair, M-hm, M-hm,
They all gathered round the lucky pair
Singing, dancing everywhere, M-hm, M-hm.
Then Frog and Mouse went off to France, M-hm, M-hm,
Then Frog and Mouse went off to France
That's the end of my romance, M-hm, M-hm.
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Tex Ritter
Froggy Went A-Courtin' lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
That song lyrics made me smile but this baby girl. She melts my heart. My phamily is a top priority for me. This little sweetheart is such a doll. I am so grateful I get to see her and they live closer to us again. 
 Brittany and Jeremy drove to Mt. Rushmore with the three kiddos. Addy is such a great helped and the boys, Brody and Blake are just plain busy. They had a wonderful trip. Brody has a new dance he does. It is his Flamingo Dance. I wish you could see him do his dance. He starts out by rolling his shoulders, he turns his head to one side  and then he stands on one leg. Just like a flamingo. He is the most unique little fellow. Addy is just a great big sister and jumped in to help with the boys and enjoys her time with them. She is a real sweetheart and loves her phamily very much. Blake decided traveling was the best way for his teeth to start popping up. That boy has a smile no matter what else is going on.
Did I mention Addy has purple hair? She looks so gorgeous.   My daughter-in-law Brittany is so great about finding matching clothes for the boys. Their background made my heart swell with pride for the beauty we have in our country.

I never tire of this beautiful verse.
As a small child I was given a beautiful bracelet that has a charm of each ten commandment on it. I still have that bracelet and will always treasure it.  A Catholic church a few minutes from my home has a beautiful marble rendition of the Ten Commandments.  Many times you will see someone sitting on the bench next to it and studying the words on it. It is the most peaceful area on an otherwise very busy street.
Many prayers are needed today. Our nation is divided and in turmoil caused by the violence we see daily. People are suffering from depression and sadness and hopelessness, being locked in their homes. Not everyone has a safe place to lay to their weary head at night. We are living in difficult times. I choose to give it all up to God. I have so many people on a prayer list. I pray for them daily and I would appreciate you remembering these folks too. Marsha and Mike, dealing with long term health issues.  Bea, she just turned 90 and has always been active and outgoing. These troubling times have indoors more and that has never been her cup of tea. Dawn dealing with the effects of Alzheimer's. stealing her once beautiful and brilliant mind. Tripp, a young boy bitten by a Cooperhead snake. He has been treated at Emory . Starry Dawn, living outside the USA and wanting to come home. So many difficulties preventing her from returning home.  Joining my friend Debbie in turning more to God and what he wants from me. Debbie walked away from all forms of social media including her blog to rest and pray. I really miss seeing her here, but I understand fully how walking away from so much of the chaos to be refreshed by God's goodness and love and pray and study His Word. I don't want to give up my blog but having a private conversation with someone I have known for years turned me recently. I have always said we are all entitled to our opinion but opinions change nothing. action changes things. But we have become so  filled with hate that we turn on each other. A  friend, a blogger, who spent a long and difficult time caring for her mom with Alzheimer's recently spoke of things only she, who was raised with it could understand.  Someone she knew attacked her and demanded she remove her words. I say demand people mind their own business and do what they feel is best for them! No one has a right to take away your personal thoughts and feelings. Why have we become so desensitized to the world? We start thinking only one way is the right way and that way never includes God's love. It usually includes, Oh I Love....(fill in the blank) and then turn around and say I hate(fill in the blank).

Love is...hits the nail on the head! I have never had a huge following of people here. A small group of kind hearts have always stopped by. I know we do not think exactly like the other one. But we enjoy visiting and seeing our posts. We have lots of good things in common. I do not understand how people can say they are kind and caring and be filled with so much hatred toward someone who can not think the way they do. The bottom line for me is, Jesus is going to return. I think He will come again sooner than later. I am preparing for His return. I want to spend my eternity with Him. I love each one of my phamily and yet we do not all think the same way. I can only speak for myself and how I was raised. Since I was a small girl attending school for the very first time as a five year old, I remember these words, "Everything good comes from God." I will not live my life by the ways of the world. I want to hear that trumpet sound and see Jesus come to take believers away from all that is wrong in this world. So I Pray for all these lovely folks I know and others who need prayer and the people with illnesses, depression, sadness, loss. I hope you join me too.
Sparks is the brainchild of Annie so while she is on hiatus, I will share something good and postive and kind like this quote. 


Sandee said...

Awww, the frog is cute and so is your grand. All your grands. Adorable and perfect for Awww Mondays.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Big hug, honey. ♥

Brian said...

Our Dad remembers that froggy song too. Oh that little Princess is such a sweetheart!

messymimi said...

A beautiful post. May we all choose love, even if we disagree about some things.

Mevely317 said...

Oh, that lil froggie's so cute. But of course, nuthin' comes close to Baby Girl. :) Or, those boys. Love how Jeremy felt safe to take his phamily vacationing. Thank you for highlighting those in need of prayers. Why, your blog is like having a front-row seat to folks largely unnoticed by the MSM. *BIG HUG*

Edna B said...

We have the right to agree to disagree. I just don't understand all the hate and violence. My beliefs are quite different from lots of my blog friends. But that's okay. As people, we are also very different. It's this difference that makes the world go round I guess. You have a wonderful day and enjoy those beautiful children. Hugs, Edna B.

pilch92 said...

Sweet photos of your grandbabies. I will pray for all those listed. XO

Detak detik said...

Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!