Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Happy Tuesday

I thought Franklin would bring some smiles on this Happy Tuesday He will also fit into my Tuesday Show and Tails. I Keep hoping Angela will return to host and join the fun. Franklin is such a chill little dog. He had such a rough start in his life and now he lives like a king. He is on his long,long,  long tether only when he goes outside because of the acreage they live on. So much wildlife around. They keep the boy safe and he does not like his kennel. I don't blame him. They have a nice size outdoor kennel near some trees. So he would be cool but he prefers hanging around the house and Hannah loves his company too when Jake is working.
Oh Maxine have you been watching the news lately?
I should have better willpower. I am trying to cut down on these kinds of sweet treats! But the advice is excellent.
Waiting on Jesus.
My Scripture reading is my strength


Theresa said...

Sweet PUP! I bet he loves being outside! Maxine is SO right, the heat the humidity and it's really crazy these days. A new heaven and a new earth sounds promising in these troubled times. Have a blessed day dear Anne, HUGS!

Sandee said...

Franklin is perfect for Happy Tuesday.

Maxine is always spot on.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Big hug, Anne. ♥

Mevely317 said...

Oh, I just want to reach in that picture and scoop Franklin up in my arms! Maxine's got that right; they seem to be multiplying like ants. Color me awaiting a new Heaven and a new Earth. Hugs!

Brian said...

Franklin looks like such a sweet guy and we're glad he found his happy! Maxine is a hoot!

pilch92 said...

Franklin is a cutie. I like the cupcake one- works for me :)

Edna B said...

What an adorable doggie. That Maxine is a hoot. But, she's usually right on! You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

messymimi said...

This is why i don't let myself get crazy over the news -- this is not my home, i am a pilgrim here.

XmasDolly said...

Oh my, I love this one too! Soo much to see, so much to read and what fun it is too! My favorite one is
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XmasDolly said...

I play with Sandee too it's at the bottom of each post I do on Monday's, Tuesdays & Wednesdays! See ya then! Hugs