Wednesday, June 17, 2020


I love Snoopy and I love pop art.

During this troubling time I have days when I think, I wonder if God hears me? Then I read this and know he does.

Rebekah loves Gunsmoke. It is her favorite show and so her sweet hubby has been buying her the DVD's. Wow 634 episodes. He had this beautiful birthday cake made for her. In case you aren't a fan of the show, that is James Arness as Marshall Matt Dillon, Milburn Stone as Doc and a young Dennis Weaver as Chester Good. We celebrated Saturday with a barbeque and enjoyed the company of phamily and friends. Oh heck, who am I kidding! Everyone here is phamily. Rebekah makes the very best artichoke dip. Brittany makes a delicious pasta salad . She enjoyed the company of several good friends. Alyssa brought the wonderful fruit and veggie trays. Rebekah received several great gifts, including ladder ball from her brother Jeremy and his phamily.  Jeremy brought over his corn hole game and the day was delightful.  Welcome to 3-2 Rebekah! My thirties were truly the highlight of my life when my kids were small. I wish her many more wonderful thirty something birthdays.
Some photos of the birthday festivities. Poor sweet Blake is teething like crazy! He loves being in the arms of his daddy.


Sandee said...

Having fun is a good thing. Thanks for the laughs.

♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
♪♫Happy Birthday Dear Rebekah,♪♫
♪♫Happy Birthday to you.♪♫

Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Big hug, honey. ♥

Mevely317 said...

Happy Birthday, Rebekah!!! Mmmmm on that artichoke dip … that's one of our favorite things, but I've never tried making it. That cake is amazing -- you've sure a thoughtful son-in-law! At the end of the day what matters most is family.

Brian said...

Happy Birthday to Rebekah from all of us! Our Dad always watched Gunsmoke when he was a kitten. I hope somebody saved a piece of cake for the camel.

Kathe W. said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Rebekah! Love the photos!

pilch92 said...

That is a cool cake. Happy Birthday Rebekah! XO

Edna B said...

Happy Birthday to Rebekah. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

messymimi said...

Wishing Rebekah many happy returns of the day!