Tuesday, June 16, 2020


I know I need better organizational skills. Life just happens and I miss my blog and all of you faithful friends who stop by. I found this at pinterest. I have a friend who is nuts for T-Rex so she loves tea too. I sent this to her. Made me Happy so Happy Tuesday
I seem to be  number 6! So my share will be Tuesday Show and Tails and it is hard not to stop sharing to Angela. She is a busy gal, her 16 year old son just passed his drivers test! Jarod is a good kid and very responsible. YAY Jarod! Congrats!
Maxine has the best opinions, at least she does, today!
Wouldn't our world be cool if L O V E prevailed? Love is....forever in my heart.
No matter how busy I am I trust Scripture to help me through difficulties as well as happiness.
Although we aren't quite here yet, my friend Karen is my oldest friend. We played in the playpen together. I am four months and eight days older then she is. She retired in January, she was blessed with a 30 year career at the State of Idaho. She is grateful not to be in the thick of this weirdness today. She and her hubby Chris have one daughter, Catherine. Catherine is married to a Chris too. They have an 18 month old daughter. Oh she is so cute! I have had Catherine's little phamily on my heart. They live in Seattle. I gave Karen a call, and left a message. She called me back shortly and we had the nicest  conversation for a long while. Her kids are safe as young Chris works from home and Catherine was furloughed from her hospital job yesterday. She is a Physical Therapist. Times are so difficult but I am so grateful they are all safe.

June 3, 1921 my hometown of Pueblo, Colorado experienced a devastating flood which caused a great deal of loss of life and ravaged the city.  A great joy arose from this devastation for my paternal grandparents. Their daughter Stephanie was born. My dad had a big phamily. Two of his brothers, one older, one younger, passed away in childhood. His older brother Uncle "Moon" passed away young too, in adulthood.  But my daddy adored all of his sisters, Mary, Angela, Anna, Stephanie and Millie.  All of them are gone but one thing I would not do, I would never wish them back to this horrible nightmare we seem to be part of today. They all loved God, their phamily and each and everyone of them, would have helped anyone out in need.
Some of the devastation from that flood. When my daddy built our home in 1946, he told me later he built on high ground since the biggest loss of life and destruction was in the area closest to the river and lying on low ground.  In 1965 while on vacation at Fort Bragg, NC and Myrtle Beach, a second devastating flood hit our city.
Although it was a terrible tragedy I am so grateful my phamily home was spared. I knew a gentleman years later who lost his brother in the flood, his brother was a newspaper reporter. It was very difficult for him to talk about it. He was a teenager like I was. I can not imagine losing a loved one in such an unpredictable natural disaster.  This was a photo from downtown Pueblo.
Auntie Steffie on her wedding day with Uncle Art and older sister Anna.

I would like to pose a question to all of you. What is your favorite breakfast food? The summer time, with heat waves, is especially difficult. Please tell me or perhaps you just have something you like to have regularly. Thank you.
A bit of humor to close my post.


Sandee said...

I'm kitty #2. I'm very happy today.

Love all the funnies and I'm with you, friends are the best.

Yikes on that flood. I didn't know about this.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Anne. Big hugs. ♥

Brian's Home Blog said...

Those were some good funnies today. That flood was sure something.

Quiltingwiththefarmerswife said...

Love to read your blog. My favorite breakfast food is pancakes but I only eat them once or twice a year. Every morning is 2 soft boiled eggs,celery sticks, sweet peppers, and 2 tablespoons of almond butter. I'm really trying to stick to a healthier diet. It keeps me satisfied until late in the afternoon and then I can hold out for dinner at 5pm. Patty McDonald

pilch92 said...

I enjoy reading about your family history. XO

Mevely317 said...

Oh, that Maxine's a hoot … truth!!! Based on that kitty-cat scale, right now I'm a #9. A/C Tech was out to do our semi-annual check-up Thursday, and now the compressor's quit. (Geezel-peezel!) Never thought it would happen, but like my late father, I've come to regard breakfast as The Most Important Meal of the Day. I'm always up for eggs (any way) and sausage with a little Hatch chile thrown in for good measure. :)

Theresa said...

This time of the morning, I am kitty #4. Those floods are scary. My Sister's house was destroyed from heavy rains and the river never quit rising. We rebuilt it even better than it was before and then it was bought out by FEMA and burned to the ground. So many memories go along with tragedies and recovering. I don't eat a big breakfast, a couple pieces of toast, a bagel or a breakfast bar. Not much help for breakfast ideas, mine are pretty boring:)
Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Edna B said...

My favorite breakfast food is something tasty that doesn't take much effort to prepare. I'm not much for cooking these days. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

messymimi said...

The fat cells will always be with us.

We've had floods, so i do understand. It's so hard.

My favorite breakfast is sliced mango and sliced avocado. Yummm!