Saturday, December 5, 2020



Noelle snapped this photo of me with a few of the delightful gifts Rebekah and Zach gave me for my birthday. She caught me standing by a canvas of my mom. Many years ago, Noelle had a friend named Cindy who did a portrait of my mom in chalk. I had it transferred to canvas. I love this photo of my mom. She was a real people pleaser and kind heart. That is a Bob Ross talking bobble head and my CHRISTmas pillow. Such sweet gifts.

This is "The Flash! Our one year old grandson. To be exact he will turn 16 months old at the end of this month.

Colton and his sweet little phamily bought me some yummy coffee and a new insulated cup. I will show off more photos of the grands at my blog My Tata's Cottage. I Had lots of birthday help from the grands.

What would I do without my Holiday Barbie 2020? Everyone knows Noelle & Roger buy me this doll every year . She looks lovely in gold . Brody is helping me. More on the boys at the other blog.

Three year old me. My mother made sure my sis and I were fashion plates. Her cousin Rosie worked in the Girls Dept. at Crews Beggs later known at Joslin's . We always had the most fashionable clothing to wear and for my first communion my mother  & dad gifted me a white faux fur bolero style jacket with a matching muff and ear muffs. Of course, the muff and ear muffs were for winter weather but I adored that little jacket. Such a fond memory.

Sweet dreams all! I will catch you at my other blog. 


Brian said...

Those are sure fun photos. Our Dad always watched Bob Ross and was always amazed how the canvas came to life!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Wonderful and thoughtful gifts! Both practical and whimsical! The coffee & cup I would never put down. I didn't now there are bobbleheads that talk! Now I wonder what he says! Maybe something like "Pretty little trees"...if I remember his teaching right.

Linda said...

Wishing you a beautiful belated Happy Birthday...I did get your emails...and I have fallen behind in answering them. Work, work, work...I shall refrain anymore of discussing that part of my life right now. sigh

Edna B said...

Looks like you had an awesome birthday! Your new Barbie doll is beautiful. What a great idea to put your Mom's picture on canvas. Enjoy your day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Mevely317 said...

Aw, that chalk-canvas! The expression on her face, looks like she was enjoying a happy moment. That's sure a thoughtful gift. Mostly, I'm loving that b/w picture of little Anne. What a beauty you were!

messymimi said...

What a lovely birthday selection, and your Mom looks like she was a happy, loving person.