Friday, December 11, 2020

Thankful Friday

 1. Thankful for the snow as we need moisture but I would be grateful if the temps went up again instead of being stuck in the 20's. be in my 20's again. Hee hee hee Blessed.

2. Thankful I came across some old photo which lend me to re read some old blog posts from 5 years ago. What a blessing and so grateful to have looked those posts over again. Grateful and Blessed.

3. Thankful for leftover for lunch and healthy snacks for dinner. I am always grateful for food. It is hard to bigger meals these days but I also do not like to waste so I try hard to eat things that will have leftovers for a day or two or three. Blessed.

4. Thankful I baked 6 mini loaves and two full loaves of banana bread today. They turned out good so it will be a nice treat. I have 9 bananas and made three batches. Grateful.

5. Thankful for the holidays but bitterness memories about the loss of Alastor Avery and wondering what he would have looked like at age 2. He was born December 18, 2018. Missing that boy everyday. Knowing where he is makes me grateful, he is safely tucked into the arms of Jesus. loss of Smokey was hard last year too. H had a terrible cancer diagnosis but he received treatment to help him be pain free for a long while. He left us December 19, 2019. He was a very "very good dog" and he was a true patriot having been born on the 4th of July. Miss him too, the dog who sat in a chair like a person.

6. Thankful for all the gifts I have had past and present. Life is a roller coaster ride. We don't know day to day what will happen next. That is why it is so important to hang on to something more valuable than this passing life. I am blessed and very grateful to know the real truth.

7. Thankful for Christmas lights. I love flipping that switch each night at 5 o'clock and sad when I have to shut them off between 9-10.. Light brings joy. Grateful. Blessed.

8.Thankful for those special friends who send you cards and letters and sometime even gifts. I will share some soon. Blessed.

9. Thankful for little kindnesses I see most every day. The amazon delivery people, the mail carrier, the smile through a mask. Grateful and blessed. I hope they are too.

10. Thankful the weekend has come around again and we can work indoors on a few projects. Always grateful to have my hubby with me and feeling blessed knowinghe has a three day weekend this weekend. 


Brian said...

Those are such nice and heartfelt thankfuls and we hope your weekend is a purrfect treat!

Linda said...

...and I am thankful for you and your friendship. s miles

Theresa said...

I am thankful for so much and so many too! I remember your loss of that sweet baby boy:( Still breaks my heart, prayers coming your way as you remember him! HUGS TOO!

Edna B said...

I am thankful for you too. My blog friends have been a special gift for me. We have so much to be thankful for. Just waking up again every morning! Enjoy that three day weekend with hubby, hugs, Edna B.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so sorry for your losses. It sure does make Christmas sadder.

messymimi said...

They leave beautiful memories, it's still so hard when we lose people and pets we love.

Hope your weekend is going splendidly!

Mevely317 said...

I like what someone said about memories (being) invisible comforters.
Thank you for always reminding us of the little things that sweeten our lives.

Funny, you and I both baking bread yesterday. I was afraid my bananas weren't going to ripen in time. But thankfully, with the help of a brown bag, they grew mushy right at the 11th hour. Mine yielded 2 lg. loaves and 1 junior, just in time for my son's birthday.