Monday, July 5, 2021

Happy Tuesday

 Happy Tuesday

Last night I posted one of the several photos we took yesterday. You know, with this bunch, you try to get it perfect. This is about perfect. Leo was facing forward and we were not looking at his hind quarters! These people make me happy. So much so that I did not get a single thing done that I should have. Tomorrow Avery will go back to work and I will be sad. I love spending time with my sweetheart. But I can get  my laundry caught up, clean my house somewhat and get back to blogging and commenting. We had so much company today. 

These ribs cook all day long. It is so hard waiting, waiting, waiting. But they are so good. The whole day was perfect. Unlike today where I overate everything I should not and finally had to drink my peppermint tea to settle my tummy. Tomorrow will be a better food day and I am happy about that.

I get Maxine today. I have a hard time passing up desserts!

Have you ever had a bad day like this one? HaHaHa! Leave it up to Loretta to find this humorous share.

Prayers get answered and I am happy and thankful and grateful for that. Logan is the cutest soon to be 2 year old. He's speech is soooooo good. We prayed so hard for him when he was born so early. But look at him now and that curly hair. It seems so unfair, boys with long lashes and perfect curls.

We were so anxious when Logan was born so soon. But God, whatever His plan is, knows all, and he does care for us. I am happy Logan is a happy boy.
Tarrah and Ella. When Ella came as a three month early CHRISTmas Eve surprise we prayed hard and so many others prayed too. Ella is such aperfect sweet little girl. Tarrah is no longer in heart failure and waiting on the transplant list for her kidney. Pray works. God answers.

My father spoke directly out of the Book of James. Oh how I love this book. I am so grateful God listened to each prayer sent up for Tarrah and Ella. I am so happy they are here with us today.

Time for rest and dreaming. Someone I know, also named Anne, had a horrible dream, I think more of a nightmare. She was dreaming of her late mother, that she was still alive and she was searching for her. Satan was putting stumbling blocks in Anne's path. Please pray for Anne. She recently has been helping a friend, Thomas, who had a bone marrow transplant. He has no phamily,  Anne and her husband were helping him as much as they could. She has a stressful job and to top that all off her sweet boy Thackery, a beautiful feline has been hit with many health issues. No matter what the doctors say, Thackery prevails. Please pray for all of them. I think Anne has a heavy heart with all that is going on and she was so very close to her mom. Satan does what he can to steal our joy, steal our salvation, steal anything he can get his hands on. Please pray for Anne and her loved ones.

Jesus came to save souls, Satan to try to steal them.

I am grateful for each one of you and pray I see you here tomorrow. Have a restful night.


My GBGV Life said...

The woman in line behind the mannequins is just too funny! Glad you had a wonderful time with family and lots of good food. Eating anything and everything is good sometimes as long as most of the time you eat right.

Mevely317 said...

Beautiful phamily! (Is Nick trying to hide behind you? LOL) I can't get over these miracles, otherwise known as Logan and Ella.
Thank you for sharing your concerns about Ann so I might add her to my prayers. Scary truth, the devil is roaming free right now.
Enjoy your day!

Sandee said...

Love all the funnies and the mannequin one made me laugh out loud. Bless her heart.

Yes prayers works. We had early grands here and it's most frightening.

I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday with your family. Sorry you overate and had a bad tummy. Not fun.

The devil is indeed working overtime. I pray he retreats and soon.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Big hug, honey. ♥

Brian said...

Those were really good funnies, here's to cheesecake and Maxine. We're all praying for Tarrah and hope the transplant happens soon.

Timmy Tomcat said...

The one of the woman in line is super. She was probably glaring at people who looked at her MOL Loved the family photos and did you bring those ribs? Wow they looked good

Lillian said...

Allways hard to wait for food

pilch92 said...

Wonderful photos. I agree that prayer does work. XO

messymimi said...

Keep praying, and remember that the Enemy cannot have G-d's children. All he can do is mess up our witness, spoil our joy, make us sad, but he cannot actually have us.

When he's trying, the best thing to do is laugh at him. Evil hates to be mocked. Sing the children's song where you tell the devil to go sit on a tack, and laugh, and he will flee, because he wants to be taken seriously and not laughed at.