Saturday, July 17, 2021

Saturday Sushi

 Our avocado salad at the Zen Bistro.  It was good to visit them after a long, dull year. The young lady who waited on us said they can not get help. Many left when the 2020 chaos occurred. Aside from that they get many fresh items from Japan and due to this on going disaster, that is also on holdd so their menu is not as complete as it once was. It was still wonderful.

I didn't sleep well last night, too much racing around my mind. Nick was out late, always worry about him getting home safely. Then thinking and praying about Hannah and Jake and Franklin getting home safely. To top things off, when I started to drift off, I heard a horrible scream. Avery and I jumped up! Mister Kitty was sitting in the front window in the living room. That black and white cat from across the street was screeching her mating call or whatever call she was making a racket over! The owners said they took her to a vet when she showed up on their doorstep and she was spayed. But she was out of control last night. We got the water spray bottle and she left the scene and our cat finally settled down.. They let her roam at night. I don't like it, our vet always says there is too big of a risk of getting hit by a car and all the other night time worries. But she sleeps all day and at night they let her go out. She would be terribly unhappy here. The lake not far from our house is loaded with danger at night, foxes, coyotes, bigger predators.  I know my boy Boots liked to sneak away. But he came to learn how loved and safe he was inside rather than running free outdoors. That crazy girl feline is a troublemaker. Typical getting the poor ole boy in trouble because she is a wild one!

Their presentation of the sushi  adds such a wonderful touch.  I forgot to snap a photo of our egg rolls and the dinner salad with cucumber and peanut salad dressing. Please visit Pink Saturday

The little dessert bites are a perfect finish. Zach had green tea, Avery had chocolate and I had vanilla. We are thankful our sushi place is still going strong. 

Lorna left a text message, her surgery went well. But she had some blood oxygen problems so they kept her overnight and ordered an x ray. SHe has the respiratory therapist and was sent home with oxygen. They gave her a pain medication and she was doing well. She felt her headache was from the surgery pain radiating. She was going to take it easy. Thank you for your prayers for her.

I will close for now. Once my new week gets into full swing I can devote my time to getting all my commenting done.  Wishing you all a beautiful SONday. I am going to write a few things about our farmers market trip today and watching Brody play T Ball at my Tata's Cottage blog. Goodnight.


Mevely317 said...

Oh, that avocado salad looks wonderful! We're not fans of sushi, but I'm happy to hear that place is recovering - despite their shortages of product and staff. (*sigh*) Hopefully, when the government stops handing out money like candy people will straighten up and come back to work.
Off to church now ... have a beautiful day!

Brian said...

The sushi looks really, really good, our Mom loves it! Yes, kitties should not be out roaming about, but the ferals can't help it.

Edna B said...

You can have my sushi. I don't do raw fish. Here's hoping everybody gets home safely. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

The Feminine Energy said...

Those food photos..... omg, especially that avocado salad. It all looks so delicious! I'm glad your friend made it out of surgery and is home. She will get better much faster in her own abode. ~Andrea xoxoxoxo

Louca por porcelana said...

Hummm,yummy!Happy Pink Saturday!Happy Sunday too!Hugs and Blessings!

pilch92 said...

I read on another blog about a cat that was spayed, but one piece of ovary was still in her and she ended up being fixed 3 times so maybe that happened to that poor kitty. XO

messymimi said...

A restaurant we loved shut down a while back and we miss it. We still have a nice place to go, but it's a lot more expensive so we don't do it much.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Those food photos make everything look so yummy. I don't do raw sushi, but I love the California rolls kind.