Friday, July 9, 2021


 I am going to have lots of catching up to do. With all the preparations for the birthday party for Hannah life has been busy here. I appreciate each person who stops by and comments. Your friendship is valuable to me. I will be sad when these kids leave to go back home but for now enjoying their company so much.

We hope to get a trip somewhere soon while the kids are here. Ahhhh.....the days of the VW Vans, all colorful and cool. Those were the days.

I have asked for prayer for Holly, a sweetheart of a gal I know from LuLaRoe. She is starting her second round of home chemo next week. Please continue to pray for her. She lost all of her hair so she is having fun with some colorful wigs. She is so pretty. She looks like summer with her colorful wigs. This pink and purple hair is perfect for Pink Saturday. Pray for Holly as she battles this leukemia diagnosis and stop by Beverly's to share some pink.

I miss the days of being able to run. But I can still walk so I can't complain. Life is funny, it is hard and some days nearly impossible. Other days life is very good and no matter how I feel, I am grateful to be here and always thankful when I see God has given me another day on this earth.  Hoping everyone has a beautiful weekend. Take care.


Mevely317 said...

Isn't it wonderful being able to actually ENJOY your adult kids. (Ha) I'm soooo torn right now about wanting to travel - or be sensible. Your dream about traveling in a luxury RV across the country is mine, too! (Provided we could hire someone else to do the driving.)

Brian said...

We'd love to take the kitties on an RV Road Tour! Prayers for Holly from all of us.

The Feminine Energy said...

What a beautiful post, Anne. Very uplifting for this Saturday morning. Thank you for it. Seeing the glass half full, rather than half empty, is a virtue not shared by all. ~Andrea xoxoxo PS~ Praying for Holly, bless her heart. :-(

messymimi said...

Travel can be broadening, in more than one sense of the word (i always gain a few pounds trying new foods).

Prayer for your friend.