Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Thankful Thursday

 Thankful Thursday

We spent the day with Hannah and Jake in Colorado Springs. Here are a couple phoots of Saint Mart's Catholic Church in  downtown Colorado Springs. As a young girl I attended the funeral of my mother's aunt Francesca Marold.  It is a lovely old church and I remember it well. I add the churches I snap photos of to my Pinterest board #whereigotopray

Here is the view of the front of the church.

We went on a nice hile at the Garden of the Gods. We saw this twisted and broken tree lying on the ground.

Jake and Hannah enjoyed the views up there and the weather was perfect.

Lots of brave souls climbing high up to take photos.

The weather was perfect. 

We had a nice time and saw people riding horses along side the upper road. It was a sight to see. There was one horse who had no left eye when he passed by. They were really beautiful creatures.

The rock formations are so beautiful and the mountains setting behind them look a lovely shade of blue. Lots of trees and  bushes everywhere.

Our son-in-law Jake and my husband Avery had a nice time. we really enjoyed the day.

This church, Plesant Valley Free Evangelical  was on the road on the way to our restaurant. We had hoped to get a reservation at Fargo's Pizza but could not get through their phone line and we stopped by but there was a line of people outside the building. So Hannah found a diner close by. The Black Bear Diner. The fod was great, the atmosphere nice and it turned out to be a nice dining experience.

We were all thankful for the nice day. Thankful the weather was great. Thankful we saw some great sights and thankful for a good meal. We are going to miss the kids as tomorrow is their last day here with us. We made some new memories and are so thankful them too. I am coming over to share a fence at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado/ Thank you for letting me participate.

Sweet dreams and thankful for being here and hopeful for another tomorrow. Goodnight.


My GBGV Life said...

Some lovely sights you found and we are glad you were able to get into a restaurant. Things are so different now with what is open and not open and how busy things are.

Mevely317 said...

Beautiful rocks! Doesn't seem that long ago, I'd be scampering up them like a monkey. Now, my ankles tremble at the thought.
I really need to re-acquaint myself with Pinterest; there's so much good stuff, but I get sucked in for hours at a time. Did you get a new haircut? Cute!

Brian said...

Such a pretty area! I'm so glad y'all are having a fun time. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Sandee said...

What a wonderful time you had. I'm so happy for all of you. Spending time with family is the very best.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday, my friend. Love and hugs. ♥

Kathe W. said...

Wowee- those are brave souls indeed climbing up the Red Rocks! Great photos!

Edna B said...

Sounds like a wonderful day outing. What super photos! That twisted tree looks like it could have used some TLC. Enjoy your time with the kids, hugs, Edna B.

Ginny Hartzler said...

The two churches are as different as can be. Both beautiful in their own way. Oh, those rocks look amazing!

Timmy Tomcat said...

We love seeing photos of Churches. Wonderful. That Rock is a Wow and so is the scenery. Purrs friends

pilch92 said...

Great photos. Sounds like a fun time. Beautiful church, very similar to the one we attend in my town. XO

messymimi said...

It's all so beautiful, and that was a wonderful day!