Monday, September 26, 2022

Aw...Mondays and Sparks and More


Lulu has a new lavender colored collar. I tried to put my lavender background on this photo but it turned blue! If it's weird, it happens to me.  But my sweet girl loves her collar. Rebekah and Zach bought it for her.  She is my little princess.

I bought this cool colorful Colorado hat when we stopped for a bathroom break on our way home.  I was sending this to my youngest girl Hannah and I accidentally, somehow sent it to a friend of mine, Chris too.  She liked the hat too, heeheehee

An Autumn poem for you to enjoy. 

A good Sparks for today. Sometime it is hard to let go of things but I am getting better. This season is too short but I love it .  Missing bloggers like Annie from McGuffy's Reader on these Monday's.

Love is...says it best always especially on Monday's.

When you are traveling West and East  bound on highway I-70 you will travel through the Veterans Memorial Tunnel on your right. When you travel through the 2 mile long Eisenhower tunnel as you approach it traveling East to West. As you return traveling East bound you will see the signage Johnson Tunnel 1979. My husband was making $8.50 an hour as a hod carrier while the tunnel was being built in the 70's when minimum wage was $1.50/hour. He also received $8 a day for gas to drive up there and back.  It is a nice memory for him and me too. I was in the back seat so getting good photos while traveling on the highway is difficult.

Before I continue my post Roger, our son-in-law arrived home from the hospital yesterday. He was taken by ambulance in the early morning hours of Tuesday . They thought perhaps he had a seizure but all his tests were clear. Then they decided he had an infection and gave him a strong antibiotic that gave him horrible flu like symptoms. They made an error and he did not have any infection and that is why he was so ill! So many put all their faith in the medical field when these folks are human and they make mistakes. He was grateful to get out of there. It was not the hospital where he has doctors who know his history with his illness. In emergencies they take you to the nearest hospital.  I sure hope I never have to go in an ambulance again. Have you ever been in one? I was when Hannah was born not by our choosing at home. Again, same hospital Roger was in and while being processed in the ER some Transplant doctor tried to bill us for his services! HaHa doctor, and my insurance liaison  went to bat for us.  I was on one of the local radio stations and a local news channel with my story, and let me tell you, even back than the local news channel  added their own spin to the story as if I was too dumb to know I was in labor! The real story was the resident on call would not listen to my husband when he said this was not our first baby and I was contracting fast!  Don't ever believe doctors do not make errors cause they do and we have seen many of them throughout these past few years.  My faith has saved me because I have personally witnessed God watching over me.  Oh the doctor with the fraudulent Transplant charges, he received a call from my husbands new employer, a top rated law firm and boy did he drop those costly charges he tried to get out of us!

Just a tiny white cottage with a pretty pink door.  I would love to have a little place to sit quietly and read or enjoy some quiet time. Preferably in the mountains. 

Our trip to Breckenridge was fun and we enjoyed walking through the streets and enjoying the food and doing some shopping too. There were so many people but it was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 so they never expected double the crowds I suppose. I bought a jar of Farmhouse Pickles from the local Cannery shop and they are delicious. The clerk recommended them.  We ate some yummy Italian sausage sandwiches and  the kids also had a brat and a great beer! We don't drink much beer so we had a few sips. We also met a phamily from Thornton who let us join their table. The gentleman and his two sons were very sweet and we had great conversation with them.

Avery has a huge collection of hats and his Kentucky Wildcat hats always get conversations started  with strangers. The guy from Thornton asked him if he was from Kentucky.   When we travel people stop and ask us and usually they live in Kentucky, were born there or lives across the bridge in Ohio. My sister Pat and her phamily lived in Louisville area  and she loved it. My niece attended school at U of Ky. So we have followed them for many years. Between matching t shirts and hats I can always find a gift for my husband! But he just told me, no more t shirts, oops. was that before or after I ordered us the Navy Denver Bronco shirts? I really can't remember, or can I? He will never know! hahaha We have a friend, a young guy Zach that works at the Outback where we like to go. The first time we met Zach, he told Avery, sir you can wear that hat in here. Avery said why, are you a Jayhawker? hahaha...he loves to tease us and we love to tease him too. This year his team the Kansas Jayhawks took the March Madness Basketball championship. We rooted for his team. hahahaha

Amen! Our weather literally dropped from 90 to 55-60 last week. It was fun while it lasted. We are warming up this week but not as hot as the summer was.

I could not get a good shot of the Community Church in Breckenridge. My husband was sitting on the good side where all my photo opportunities were. They have a dinner every Tuesday  and it is a very nice community.  Can you see the gondola's in the golden trees? Getting ready for all the winter sports.

I hope you all have a wonderful new week..


Sandee said...

Awww on your baby and the hat. Love those colors.

Wat a story about your husband. He was making great money when others weren't.

I'm happy Roger was home and yes doctors make mistakes. All the time.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous day and week. Love and hugs, my dear friend. ♥

messymimi said...

That is a cool hat, and a cool post top to bottom, I'm so glad you got the doc to drop the charges!