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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Life in Black and White

My goodness, the first time I saw this photo of these gorgeous BoJon women I thought they were all beautiful brides! But this was the wedding of my mom's younger sister Elsie (far left). Auntie Ang Jacklovich-Steblay is next to her. My cousin Joanne Petgovsek Wieser's aunt Doris Petgovsek Amy and my mom's baby sister Jo Steblay- Binder. I am unsure if Auntie Jo was married to Uncle Tom but I am guessing yes, because cousin Sharon, daughter of Elsie Steblay and Edward "Munson" Trontel is younger than cousin Tommy Binder (1946) son of Jo Steblay and Tom Binder.
My mother is on the far right with my oldest sister Pat in front of her. Cousin Charlotte was making her first communion with my brother Bill (left) and cousin Ron (right). My Tata Rose in on the far left with my grandmother next to her then Auntie Mary and Auntie Elsie (flowers in her hair). Auntie Annie is in the front row with the lil boy in the sailor suit. I am unsure who he is. The background is my grandmothers house which survived in the Pueblo Flood of 1921 and the Pueblo Flood of 1964. The Arkansas river is on the South side of the house and although there is an embankment the floods were quite devastating.
Another wedding photo of Auntie Elsie. Uncle Munson was very much like my own dad. He loved his given name of Edward and he was very kind. I can never recall a time I heard any unkind or inappropriate word leave either one of these gentlemen. They were humble and kind and they spoke respectfully to everyone they knew. Uncle Munson was a butcher. The phamily still owns Frank's Market in Pueblo, Colorado. The had their own feedlot and raised their own antibiotic free cattle. We still buy meat from the market. When I was a kid Uncle Munson would always give us a cold hotdog or a slice of cheese and beef baloney. Years ago my hubby had a co worker JT who loved to purchase a half a beef with us. It was fun sitting in JT's house sorting all those pounds of hamburger meat, steaks, roasts, etc. Good memories all around. If you go here: Frank's Market you can see a few more photos of this BoJon business.

I hope you liked the black and white photos I have shared. I will be putting up more posts. I have decided to post as I can. Sometime life throws you a curve and you do what you can do. I enjoy sharing my phamily history here and will continue to do so. Thanks for joining me and always, thank you for your kind comments.


Betty said...

I love the old B&W family photos too. I've been working on old family photos. I moved into this house almost three years ago and wasn't sure how I was going to hang stuff so it had been sitting in boxes behind my bedroom door. I finally took the plunge and started hanging old family photos. I've missed seeing them!

Edna B said...

Your black and while photos are wonderful. I have to say, life was awesome back in the day. Our young folks just don't know what they all missed out on. Their world is so different than mine was. Ah, memories. Thanks for sharing. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.