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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Avocados, Bananas and Baked Alaska

For whatever reason I am tardy because I missed the Letter "A" last week! So as I was thinking of a good post I decided to combine A and B together! You may laugh at me, but I found the best recipe for banana bread. It has avocados in it! So once I make a batch I will post some pictures. The author of the recipe
says the avocado is better for you than lots of added oil or butter and it tastes very moist! I do love an avocado so I am going to try this. We are having some rainy days and it is windy now so it may be a good evening to bake!If only my aching head pain would go away! Stressful work day!

This bread has chocolate chips in it too. I think it will make a tasty treat! So while you are visiting Ms. Jenny I hope you will think about making some of this bread once I give you my review!
I bet you wonder why I added Baked Alaska? My mother use to make it for us. As a kid I delighted in the fire, making such a beautiful finish to this extraordinary  dessert! But having a spoonful of that delectable treat was so heavenly!
So my Avocados and Alaska go hand in hand with my bananas and baking! I hope you have enjoyed this bit of  fun for a Thursday evening. Go visit lots of others who share their favorites too!


Anonymous said...

Fun post. I bet the avocado is a good substitute to adding lots of oil. I've heard you can also use applesauce, which is another great A. :-)

Denise said...

Cute post.

Tatiana said...

mmm, I love avocado and add it to all my salads :)

Debra @ Homespun said...

Wow you had some mom! :)

Lola said...

Love avocado too - such a fun post!

Pondside said...

I've never heard of avocado in banana bread! I loooove banana bread, as much for the smell as it bakes as for how good it tastes.

fredamans said...

Love both avocados and bananas, though not together I'd imagine... haven't tried it though. Haven't had Bakes Alaska either though I want to. Yum.

B Is For Books

Granny-Guru said...

Sheryl Crowe's cookbook has avocado chocolate mousse, but I've been afraid to try it. Avocado in banana bread sounds great!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I eat an avocado pretty much daily. Love them. But Baked Alaska? Your mother must have been one fancy cook. WOW!

I ate bananas a lot as a child (and have some growing in my yard right now), but I don't eat them any longer. I will say that one of the most delicious desserts I ever had was in Ft. Myers at a French pastry shop there, and it was some sort of banana tart that literally made your eyes roll into the back of your head it was so good. And Mr. Magpie's grandmother made a prize-winning banana pudding that I've never seen surpassed. Not sure what she did to make it so good, but I can still taste how wonderful it was.



Dewena Callis said...

I've never heard of avocados in banana bread before but I found new recipe for avocados mashed into hamburger meat for grilled burgers that I want to try soon. Baked Alaska, that was considered The gourmet food of my teenage years. I had it once in a restaurant back then. It fulfilled every expectation I had of it. Wonderful!

Jenny said...

Avocados in banana bread? I am absolutely intrigued with this idea.

I will be holding my breath for the review of this recipe.

Thanks for catching up on the letter A!

Brilliant post!