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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pre Lives

Steve Prefontaine was one of the greatest distance runners in  the USA. He died too young, in a car accident May 30, 1975. I often wonder what he would have accomplished had he lived. I love to watch old videos of his running and wanted to share my thoughts on the anniversary of his death.

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.
Steve Prefontaine 

A favorite quote.

The Pre Classic has run each year since his death and I look forward to seeing it each year.

Since my own son is a runner I am dedicated to the sport. It is the one sport where people on the sidelines seems to share a common bond, a kind heart. So many other sports are so violent and aggressive that people become enraged when their "team" doesn't win it all! 

Another favorite sentiment on t shirts  regarding running:

"My sport is your sports punishment"

Steve Prefontaine was only five foot nine. As a child he said he had one leg shorter than the other . He participated in many other sports but had no success due to his small stature. Once he found running he fell in love with the sport.

Prefontaine won 120 of his 153 races (78%) and never lost a collegiate (NCAA) race at the University of Oregon.

At one time he held the American record in the seven distance track events  from the 2,000 meter to the 10,00 meter. An American classic gone too soon.

Pre Lives in the hearts of those that loved and cherished him and in all the runners who strive to be like him.

I wish we had more guys like Pre in this world today.


Denise said...

Appreciate your sharing.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

He certainly is an inspiration. I love the quote, it is something to live by!!