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Monday, July 19, 2010


Welcome to Tuesday's Show and Tail! Please go here.  
Thank Angela for hosting this fun Tuesday post.
I already gave you the Sonic Drive In story so here goes Domino's! Bandit is a rat terrier. He is a whooping 9 lbs. of pure doggy fun! He belongs to my oldest son J. The big brother along with his little brother, the baby, works for Domino's pizza. One night our older son left his work cap on the chair and my hubby tossed it on the dogs head. Just as he yawned! He looks terribly ferocious doesn't he? So we took to calling him the Domino dog!  Bandit looks like he is telling one of those potty mouth customers to knock it off with the inappropriate language! The baby takes the orders and the big brother delivers the pizza! They are paid a fair wage to help pay the big brothers college tuition and the little brother is always running over his phone minutes so....He will learn about finances because he is now responsible for paying for his own phone. Once you have to borrow money to pay a bill you can't afford you usually get the message loud and clear!
So Bandit is a good dog. He was born in South Dakota and I think he may have been the smallest of the litter. He is a quirky little dog and he loves to be with people. Our son adored him so much we thought   he might have a problem! Then he started dating! When he had his heart broken earlier this year and I  realized prison would not be a good place for me because I  thought perhaps murdering the awful woman that broke his heart would be the answer, we both came to our senses. That little dog picked up right where he left off with J. When J dated the awful woman she hated this cute little dog. So we cared for him until our son realized that little dog loved him more than that mean girl! I had to hear God's voice tell me to get a gripe and pray! I always tell my kids to pray and my mother always told me to pray so it goes full circle! This little pup is a joy. He never leaves our son's side and he is a real friend. He waits for him in the window when he comes and goes from work and school. That little dog is a lifesaver. He is smart and he likes to lie in bed with us when our son is working. He and the big dog Smokey are pals and I always tell him to go catch his brother in the back yard! People often do a double take when they see me talking to the dogs. Funny because all three of them are black with white markings! Three entirely different breeds , a boxer/lab mix, a pure AKC breed rat terrier and a Blue Heeler/Shepherd mix! They all sat next to each other the night Tink died. They never left each other's side and a few weeks ago this little dog had to have two teeth pulled. When he came home Stella was so happy she licked him and chased him everywhere he went! He was trying to get some quiet time to rest and she would not leave him alone! We think she thought he was gone and not coming back. A lot of days I will take these three dogs over some of the bitter people I have to deal with in life and traffic!
So now you have met Bandit.


Angela said...

Aw! Bandit is a cute little doggie! I'm glad your son came to his senses and got rid of that girl! Everyone knows that a woman that doesn't like a good dog has something wrong with them!

Thanks for sharing such a cute picture of the little guy with us this week!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

He is so cute! We had a dog named Bandit and we loved him he was such a sweetie also.

Parsley said...

Looks a little like our Snuffy...only thinner.

Chatty Crone said...

If someone doesn't like animals or are mean to them - RUN!

I think Carrie Underwood has a rat terrier - and she brought him to the wedding dressed up.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

He is a cutey pie. That picture looks a little ferocious...but then I thought there'd be something more to this and there was :) :) :) Thanks for sharing the story.
I'm sorry your son had his heart broken...If it's any consolation, it's better now than if they had gotten married..but it still hurts either way. I know I've had my share of heartbreak.
Domino just sounds like the cutest thing and just what what your son needs right now...a bundle of fur with four legs to give him unconditional love...:) :) :)
Thanks for sharing this ANne. It made me laugh, cry and smile all at the same time :) :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

ClassyChassy said...

I like that picture - so TERRIER TERROR!

Intense Guy said...

I would have thought he was going to attack someone the way he's bearing his teeth! I'm so glad its just a big yawn!

Rose said...

what a great story about a boy and his dog. animals can be very loyal, better tha a bad woman who breaks someone's heart

Dogmom Diva said...

Bandit is too cute. Good thing J is done with that woman.ugh anyone who does not like dogs is not worth having around..

We are the same, 3 dogs, all different..what blessings they are!