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Monday, July 19, 2010


Hi and welcome to Monday! We are two short at work so with our fill in audiologist who takes about 30 minutes per patient as opposed to our regular gal Koko we had a mad house today! The doc saw approximately 40 patients. He never stops to eat lunch or anything. So Theresa and I were super slammed and took a 30 minute lunch. AH...I am wishing for Friday so I will have another 3 day weekend! Woo Hoo!
So I feel great but tired and my daughter the middle just walked in the door. I have been teasing everyone I know telling them my middle and her honey were holed up in a hotel all week! Ha Ha Hee Hee! My middle and her little sister work for Sonic as well as the middle's beau. The middle and the beau have been involved in a contest. The company put them in a nice hotel to study for a week. They were still paid their regular salary and the co. paid for everything. They had the "suits" come in today and they did their competition and my middle and another worker got all the answers right! The beau missed one! They all got a brand new camcorder for participating and as soon as their audit is over they will find out if they are all going to Vegas! The company will send the over 21 crowd to Vegas and pay for everything plus take them to Cirque du Soleil! Now I have to say I have wanted to see that show forever but could never afford it! The tickets are upward $400 a piece! Yikes! So I am so proud and so thrilled of my kid and the beau. My middle has worked for Sonic Drive Ins since she was a junior in high school and she is into her third year of college now! It pays the college tuition bills. I tease her that she is probably the only living Sonic employee that has lasted five years! Hee Hee
I tell you this because I am proud of her. Her sister took on lots of extra hours to cover their shifts while they were in this training competition. Some employees from other stores helped cover and a couple of snotty teenage girls gave my who girl a hard time. The "mouth", the middle, like me, told the managers all about the lack of team spirit with these snotty girls! I watched them go into the drive in Sunday when the who girl went to work. So I told the middle to pray and let it go. The managers know about it and that is that! She is very emotional like me! When the kids were at the Catholic high school my hubby tired to be diplomatic but I went to Catholic school from K to 11 and I know they favor the rich kids with their big money! So I always fought for my rights. I still do! So my kids know how I am ! Many times I warned the vice principal at the high school that I was disappointed because I knew Jesus was not in the building and if you tell people like me that you base the school policy on the life of Jesus Christ, you better mean it! So I have to remind my middle girl and myself to be kinder and more gentle. The who girl could care less. She flips that hair back and says "I had work to do, I could care less that they were talking about me!" I guess these two girls never saw the who girl's honey. I would be scared of him, if I didn't know him! 6"2" 285 lbs. This sweet boy plays college football, defensive lineman! Oh, he is smart too. Getting a Business Degree and going on a sports scholarship with high academics! is sweet.
So you know my Sonic story now.  The hubby and I were thinking when they go to Vegas we can tag along. Really, they are two single kids and they need a good chaperone! Don't you agree? That nice paid for room can maybe afford us a nice show! Hmmm...Oh wait! They are staying at the Venetian and God Bless Sonic! You can not room with the opposite sex unless you are married! God is Good! Sonic has morals! Horray!
Sorry I did not have time to get pics because the girls are exhausted from their busy days and the beau is working til midnight! So here are my google images.


Deborah said...

Hi Anne, Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hello. I have always wanted to go to Las Vegas and I will one day. I do hope your daughter and her friend wins this trip and that you get to go along too. Keep us updated. I was interested to hear that you work for an ENT doctor because I have a cochlear implant myself. Thanks for commenting on my trip post. It definitely was an awful experience but we learnt some valuable lessons and we hope others will learn from it.

Angela said...

Congratulations to your kids! Sounds like Sonic is a good place to work at. We have 2 of them around where I live. I love their onion rings!

Have a Great Day!

Intense Guy said...

Wow! I hope the middle gets to enjoy Vegas!

Rose said...

i'm impressed what Sonic will do for their employees. a trip to vegas wow!