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Friday, July 23, 2010

Maxine says zip your lip!

I chose this Maxine today because my husband's mother has some very uncaring siblings. They are currently more concerned about a parcel of land that they are selling and afraid my MIL will pass before the signatures dry on the paper. Unfortunately for them, my husband works at a premier law firm and the attoreys there already rewrote my MIL's will when she was still able to speak for herself. My husbands older brother is in Alaska on vacation and unreachable as we know they rent an RV and travel to their favorite fishing spot. You can not get any cell service on the water in the wilderness! We have left him messages. His older sister has cared for their mother and she is at the end of her frayed rope!
I did not mean to turn my Maxine on Saturday into drama because I truly despise drama but I appreciate your thoughts and prayers and concern for us.

Tell MARY you appreciate her hosting this fun Saturday post. Blessings to all and when you want to say something you know you shouldn't take this old gals advice. Hand over mouth! Zip it!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sweetie I am so sorry about your troubles. Family can be the best and the worst!!

Terra said...

Linda is so right when she commented that family can be the best and the worst. I hope this works out well in your family.

Intense Guy said...

I am beginning to really detest what some people do when someone passese on.

Seem like so many of them are much more greedy than thankful or in sorrow.

Rose said...

sometimes family members can be cruel. do what you needto do for MIL. saying prayers

Jules said...

I am sorry for your family troubles. It seems every family goes through this when someone passes on. Thoughts go out to you and yours...

Angela said...

I love Maxine! Maxine for President! hehehe

Your family sounds like mine! Are we related!?!