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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hi and welcome to my post for Spiritual Sunday!  I am very late today. I have so many things going on and my housework is slipping and my house is a mess and I am in need of a personal maid! HeeHee! But I want to share a simple verse today that packs a wallop of a punch! It is:
Set your mind on things above, not on things of this earth. Colossians 3:2
I love my bloggy friends!  But I know I have lost a few friends because I suppose no one is suppose to express their truly feelings here. I can't do that! I love the Lord and each day I struggle because I feel like I am not a good example of a Christian and than something happens in my life and I know the Lord is listening and He does care for me.

I love the giveaways here! I see so much creative talent and so many awesome people that I wish I could win everything I comment on but life does not work that way and I learned long ago in parochial school that we have to share! So even though I love my cool winnings I will never covet them. When the hubby and I were first married and life threw curve balls at us we lost our first home and a nice car we owned. We lost our car and home because of circumstances not because we had a good time and left a pile of bills! Life happened to us and we lost jobs and health and things happen. It was then that I learned not to covet anything because it can be snatched from your grasp quicker then you can blink! So today I had to speak my mind.

I have a very sweet and dear friend here in blogland. She is awesome and she does not participate in giveaways because she likes the simplistic lifestyle. I admire her. I like the simple things in life. I have found more comfort in them then things. As I look back on my life, it has been a simple one. Yet we have always supported each other and stuck together through good times and bad. So I need to say I love winning but I love knowing all of you more and I have a silly sense of humor and I sometime say silly things. I just want to set that record straight!

I know many people who have many material things. Yet they have no joy in their lives. They are constantly worried about something else. I love my dolls but if I had to sell them to eat and feed the phamily I would turn my back on them in a moment!

I just want to remind everyone today to remember the truly important stuff and don't get too involved in the material aspect of life!

Please stop by here and thank Charlotte and Ginger for pulling this post together each week with such grace and kindness. I enjoy knowing each one of you and I hope you will continue to join me here and stop by for some friendship and fun!

Today my prayer list includes Lois, Randy, Bea, Mike, Clayton, Gabe, Lance, Toby, Nick. Remember to pray for our military personnel all over  this great big world! Pray for each other and pray for myself and my phamily too. I do appreciate it.

Happy Labor Day!


Parsley said...

Happy Sunday Anne. I hope all is going well.

Chatty Crone said...

Not exactly sure what you meant here. Anyway I hope you are having a great Labor Day!


Joan said...

Hi Anne - you are so right, we are not to covet and not to set our sights on things below. Those of us who belong to Christ have eternal treasure awaiting us in Heaven. That is much better than anything here on earth.


Whidbey Woman said...

Hi dear, I want to let you know I could not get your link with Spiritual Sunday to work right. I figured it was you, so I googled your blog. When I clicked it on Annesphamily first came up then it went to a wierd page that said Maybe it was just a fluke, but if you don't hear from many Spiritual Sunday folks that's why. Much love to you!

Charlotte said...

I think this is something almost everybody struggles with. We know the Bible says not to lay up treasures on earth where moth and rust corrupt and thieves break through and steal, but in America, there is such an abundance of stuff and commercials that tell us how much we need whatever it is they're selling that it is easy to fall into the material trap. We need to concentrate more on laying up treasures in heaven and less on laying up treasures here on earth. Thank you for this reminder.

BTW I fixed your link. I couldn't get it to work either and was getting ready to just delete it when I figured out it was you. I'm glad I didn't delete it.

Denise said...

I agree with you sweetie. You have my love and prayers.

Jane said...

Good morning Anne - Wonderful post. Thanks for the reminder. I think that many of your posts are insightful and help to keep all us of grounded in what is truly important,


Kaye - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Definitely good food for thought for a spiritual Sunday (on Monday due to grand-doggy :) ). Have a blessed day and praying for you and your friends.

Kim said...

What nice thoughts. God is good whether no matter the quantity or quality of our possessions.

Dayle said...

As an old preacher friend of mine says, "You have to keep the main thing the main thing." Always.

Intense Guy said...

And you know something?

You can't have everything... where would you put it all??