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Monday, September 13, 2010


Today feels like Monday! I know, I know, it is! My hubby and youngest son are getting ready for the kiddos new bed to get here. He has slept on an awful boxy mattress for several years and needs a new one. The big brother is helping his friends dad move from Colorado Springs to Brighton and Sean's dad is generously giving us the queen mattress set which is nearly brand new!
Today was a wild ride at work. One employee came in ,saw the doc and left. Throat infection. My hubby's co worker has had one since last week and he is not getting any better. I had it last year. My PCP told me my tonsils were actually rotting in my throat! What a picture, I don't ever want that crude anytime soon! Awful stuff. Wiped me out for 2-3 months energy wise! Busy patient day two nose bled's, one an older lady and one an eight year old girl! Yikes! Those were awful emergencies and they really hold up the schedule! But you gotta do what you gotta do! One patient is a true Raider fan,. He has tatoo's of the whole Raider mascot thing everywhere! I am not a tatoo person but the artwork on his tats are amazing.I did not know they got beat so badly yesterday during opening football season. I was talking about the Broncos loss, that coach, what was he thinking putting Tebow in as not the quarterback!? I guess with all the quarterbacks we have he does not worry about losing one to injury! I told our patient these whimpy football players today could not have played with the likes of Kenny Stabler, Jack "Hacksaw" Reynolds, Lynn Swann, Joe Namath and even the likes of Joe Montana in his heyday! But I think the Raiders and Broncos have their work cut out for them.
I have received so many wonderful postcards and am getting ready to do the drawing for the grand prize winner soon. Keep watching. I am absolutely amazed at the kindnesses of everyone. A patient will send me a card from Cypress when he goes next month. I have received so many thoughtful cards and some of the cute stories behind it are just precious.
Sleep is in order here tonight. Hannah leaves at 4:30 A.M. for Oklahoma City with Phil. They are going on a business trip. She is a good sister. Her sister does not want to lose her scholarship monies and such so she will go to Vegas next month. Prayer would be nice.
The hubby is having his cataract surgery in the morning at 7 A.M. We wholeheartedly trust the doctor. He is retired Air Force and I am sure has 20/20 visions himself! Prayer would be nice.
I saw my chiropractor tonight. He is the very best. Takes excellent care of me and my bad bones. Working on my shoulder pain and once we resolve that with one more treatment of hydro massage therapy I am going to sit and talk with him about my hip pains and go from there. I hate aging but I have to think about what the bible says and go with that. The cooler evenings are hard on achy bones.
My brother-in-law Rick is being ripped off by a car dealer in Wyoming, where he lives. Thank goodness my hubby works for good attorneys and they are helping him. The thing about where my hubby works is that they are everywhere. They have so many offices in so many states. Wyoming is one of those states. Prayer would work here too.
My hubby was quite instrumental in calming the rift between his siblings. The two brothers are going to spend some time together.  My hubby is a good man and a wonderful peacemaker.
My daughter Noelle works with Maureen and Saturday night Maureen fell asleep with a candle burning. Burned her apartment to the ground. Walked out of that fire with the pajama's on her back! Nothing else but most importantly her life!  Please pray for her. I am hopeful the news stations here will help her out. Prayer is really needed here.
Nick needs to run in the Liberty Bell on Friday. But he called himself off a few classes last week and is paying the price. I am hopeful they will let him run and miss next week's race which is not as important. We have to wait and see. More prayer needed here. But on a bright note he has learned a valuable lesson I told him that thirty eight years ago I tried that with my girlfriend. That slick nun caught us before we could commit the crime of meeting public school boys and my father looked at me so pitifully and said he was disappointed in me. That hurt worse than any beating or I told you so!  I told my son they caught me years ago and today they have recorders on the phone. So you can not get away with anything. Learn a valuable lesson and go on with your life. There are worse things then having to go to school.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I am showing a picture of Nick's new bed. We need to work in his room and for now here is the new bed: He is the only phamily member with a headboard! Cool!


Denise said...

Praying for your precious family, love you.

Dogmom Diva said...

Holy crap that made me exhaussted reading about your day.glad Nick has a new bed, awesome of Sean's dad to do that..We have done things like that. You should come out and shop in my house. too much stuff..we downsized to half the house.

Are you going to get those nasty tonsils OUT? You would feel better sweets!

And you have not made a headboard yet..wish I were there to help you..I am feeling crafty lately!

hugs, Barb

Chatty Crone said...

You have been a busy gal. Glad your son got his bed. Hope you feel better and get your tonsils out!


Intense Guy said...

I hope the surgery went well.