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Sunday, September 19, 2010


 "He changes the times and the seasons;...He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding." Daniel 2:21

Monday September 20th is the first day of Fall! We will enjoy crisp air and beautiful changing leaves. Fall is a great time to bake pies and cookies and even have a real treat, a baker apple! I remember my mother baking apples for us in the fall.

I wanted to share this bible verse with you today and this fall tree with my Love

My hubby and I always enjoy a late morning snooze particularly on a cool Fall morning. Yesterday we woke up to rain misting our world and we rolled over for a few more minutes of a fun Saturday sleep in! We have, on many occasions, pooled our change to have pizza the day before payday!

Come join the Love with myself as well as Marydon at and Sherry at and
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Marydon said...

Love your write on Timothy, Anne.

AND, I love this Love Is... isn't this the truth ... roll over & snuggle a wee bit more. Tis the season ...

I do remember the days of 'pooling' our sheckles before payday.

I don't have these (2) Love Is ... good for you, my friend. They are darling.

Huggers, Marydon

Jane said...

Oh, this is a great post! I think that everyone is looking forward to cooler weather. At the moment, I'm still waiting for it.


Heather said...

love the love is picture! so cute!!!!!! Hope tomorrow is a beautiful fall day for you!

Lily said...

I love autumn. It is a beautiful time of the year that always calls God's majesty to mind. I live in the mountains and adore the beauty of this season.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Beautiful verse,and beautiful photo, thank you for sharing. I so enjoyed the Love is..


MOLLYE said...

A new season is what we all need. A time to count our many, many blessings and you are at the top of my blessings list. I love you sister, Mollye

Denise said...

Enjoyed this. I visited Buddy, now I am following his blog. I wrote a post, asking others to visit him. I left a prayer for him at the lighthouse of prayer. I love you.

Angela said...

Hey Anne!

What a beautiful verse! I love Fall! The leaves are already changing here in West Virginia.

Great Love Is!

Have a Wonderful Week!

RCUBEs said...

I love Fall...That pic is so beautiful. It's nice we have this break from summer days, before winter. God is awesome! Blessings.

Karen said...

Colorful picture and post to put me in the mood for Fall! Blessings to you

Walking on Sunshine... said...

My favorite time of year!

When my hubby and I were dating we use to count our change to see if we had enough money to buy a slice of pizza! Cute cartoon!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh what a beautiful time of year, indeed!
And I loved the inspiring story about your grandmother...what an amazing woman! You surely were blessed to be part of her life and have her be such an inspiration....

Dogmom Diva said...

I love your post on the fall weather, I am sooo ready for fall...still having hot daytime highs but cooler evening so we are almost there. Hey we still pool our change too! I didn't think at our age we would still have to do that, but we do..glad we in the same club..


Divine Mrs D said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!! I really appreciate it. Now I'm off to read some more!

Intense Guy said...


Hope you had a great weekend..

Mari said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoy Fall too and am thankful to live where I can experience the seasons!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that today is the first day of fall. Fall is my favorite time of year although it doesn't seem much like fall in our desert when the temperature is still over 100 degrees. The sun comes slanting in at a different angle though, and sometime before the end of October it will begin to feel like fall. I'm glad God made the seasons.
Blessings for a beautiful Fall.

SHARI said...

Hi Anne, I am Mollye's daughter Shari and I think I may be ready for readers! Come visit me. I feel like I already know you. God Bless You, Shari

Vicki said...

Hi, Anne,
Yes, I have had to pool my money many times before payday. I, too, am looking forward to some cooler autumn weather. I loved the memory of the baked apples. My momma always baked apples for us during the fall. Have a happy, happy week, sweet friend! love and hugs~Vicki

Stacie said...

I love fall....the colors, the smell in the air, the crispness and how a sweatshirt warms you right up, eating chili, and going to football games. I also love the rare opportunity for lazy mornings and staying under the comforter just a little longer! :)