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Thursday, September 23, 2010


P owerful words
R acing through my mind
A bsolutely
Y earning with
E ach individual
R eason why

I love my prayer time. I am grateful to God each day that I may wake up and reserve time for Him with all my requests. I find that as I get older I am able to pray more wholeheartedly for others rather than concentrating on myself. 
Today I found out my friend Veronica is undergoing tough radiation treatments for her breast cancer that recently returned. Drats! She is a single mom of a college aged son. She really needs your prayers.
Gabe also needs your prayers. He is a young friend of Jeanne's church family Please pray for him as there is nothing doctors can do and he is in God's hands. 
AngelDawn is the sweet little lady we met through the Miracle Makeover with Sherry and other wonderful bloggers who posted her story about getting cancer at the ripe old age of 11! I am currently in the process of putting together a package to send my new friend. Please pray for this sweet girl who loves the Lord.
Denise at needs pray. She generously prays for everyone. She needs lots of prayer support regarding her health with her failing eyesight and I want to put up prayers alerts for her. She is so kind and giving she needs us to support her with this. 
Mollye at needs us to continue praying for her family including herself, Punkin and the kids Buddy,Lori and Shari. We know Jake is in Heaven watching down on all of us. So pray that this family will carry on the memory of Jake's life and smile when they remember his life
My pictures won't load tonight. so I hope you will not mind my plain post for prayer request.

The devil tries to interfer in my prayer time and I decided tonight since I can not post my pictures I am going to post my favorite prayer quotes:
Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.  ~Søren Kierkegaard

No one is a firmer believer in the power of prayer than the devil; not that he practices it, but he suffers from it.  ~Guy H. King

Don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines.  ~Satchel Paige, 1974

I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.  ~Frederick Douglass, escaped slave

When at night you cannot sleep, talk to the Shepherd and stop counting sheep.  ~Author Unknown

When you pray, rather let your heart be without words than your words without heart.  ~John Bunyan


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Okay...Anne.. :) :) :) Lots of prayer requests you have...but that's okay. I'll start praying. I don't know if I can remember them all...but you know what, God knows...and I'll be faithful to pray for all those people :) :) Have a good weekend. love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

kim said...

We need to pray for Cindys family at Applestone Cottage. They live in Wisconsin and are having flooding nearby. Her daughter is due to deliver a baby and had to evacuate. kim at sillshill.blogspot.

Denise said...

Bless you for being such a precious prayer warrior, love you.

Anonymous said...

I love that very last quote especially!

Great stuff!

love, kelee

Anonymous said...

And put you on the prayer list Anne.....

love, kelee