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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Is For Alaska

I am excited to be part of the new session of Alphabe Thursday. I am anxious to get started and share Alaska with you. I have never been to this "last  frontier" state but my brother-in-law Mike has lived there and will be living there again soon. He is a nurse and is planning to travel there in the next month so he can start fresh. He is going to be living near the Arctic Circle! Brrr.....So I will have a small photo presentation here but want to remind you that I am trying to close out my postcard exchange and giveaway so if you would like to send me any last minute postcards from your home state or your travels I am always anxious to receive them so I may draw the lucky winner of the Colorado inspired giveaway box. I tell you this because originally California and Texas were leading the card count in postcards received from those states! Then I badgered the Colorado folks with my lamenting that I would undoubtedly have to send myself a Colorado postcard! HeeHee! People started flooding me with Colorado cards. Then I also mentioned that I did not have an Alaska card! Next thing I know Alaska poured in like rain! I am going to share some of my postcards that came from Alaska and the people who sent them to me.
 1. Alaska Map from Amber
2. Orca Whale Mike
3. Juneau bustling for gold , Alaska's capital from Dawn and Bob
4. Fisherman's Paradise from Mike
5. Skagway the gateway to Klondike and the Great Gold Rush historic town from Dawn and Bob
6. Alaska Puffins from Mike
7. Alaska Northern Lights from Tammy at
8. Bull Moose from Mike
9. Bear fishing from Adele
10. Ketchikan, Alaska from Dawn and Bob

It is my dream to visit Alaska and with my brother-in-law moving there it may just come true. visit all the other participates at http//


Brenda said...

I would like to visit Alaska someday just not during the coldest months. I get plenty snow and cold here in Michigan.

My Grama's Soul said...

Good evening to you.....Love those Alaska post cards...I have been to Alaska...up the inside passage by boat...and I will remember the trip forever.. It was remarkable...your brother is fortunate to be able to go again.



Terra said...

I have never been and it seems my only daughters only know because of the Palin family, Alaska is a place I need to go...

Christy said...

An Alaskan cruise is on my bucket list - I loved this post!

A 2 Z said...

Now that I'm in menopause I dream of Alaska every day....joking aside I used to live in Vancouver and almost went. Maybe one day. Hope you get to go soon!


H said...

Alaska is one of those places that I have always fancied visiting, but I don't think I'd like to actually live there. Too cold.

Mary said...

I've always wanted to visit there too~ maybe with a cruise. Hope you get to go :-)

Pearl Maple said...

Fabulous, so many of us would like to travel there one day and nice to get another blogger's views.

Denise said...

Enjoyed this post.

Viki said...

Alaska seems like it would be such a fascinating and interesting place to visit. great a post.

Intense Guy said...

Wow! Look at all the postcards!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Alaska is one of those places that I've always wanted to visit. When I retire, I want to just drive up there and stay for a month or so....Thanks for the inspiration.

Linda Stubbs said...

I am from the capitol of Alaska. Juneau.......born and raised........miss it. It is a beautiful place to live. On the picture of JUNEAU.......the mountain to the right hand top.......I lived behind it on the other side. Thank you sweet Anne for the memories you brought to my mind. I so wish I could go back home!

Hugs sweet friend! Linda
Prairie Flower Farm

Jenny said...

What a wonderful link to Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "A".

My Dad was stationed in Alaska when I was a small girl and I do have memories of vast spaces with lots and lots of white. I am intriqued with the idea of visiting there again and your lovely post made me more determined then ever to make that wish come true someday.

Thanks for this fun post.

I really enjoyed my visit here.


Chatty Crone said...

A is for AWESOME! I have been there - hope you get to go one day. sandie