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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Changes At My Blog and More Tea Exchange Treasures

I am going to do more posts about tea and all the things I love about tea. I was posting so many things about my phamily and I just think I need to switch things up. I also was spending time at social media, and in the words of Teresa, another blogger, it is cutting and cruel. I could no longer stand the constant bullying and insults regarding political matters. As adults, people need to look at the bigger picture and stop bullying each other. My personal thoughts and I will not be visiting there or commenting any longer. My loss, no one else's as it seems more and more folks enjoy the drama and the back biting. I don't. I feel anyone talking about their faith needs to be able to back it up and I was being shunned more and more, Until we are no longer a free world, I will continue to post my Scripture whenever I feel like it. I am just stunned at the phoniness of so many and it really hurt my heart. I do appreciate the kind hearts that have followed me here and continue to. Your encouraging words always mean so much to me. These are the friendships I treasure. Anyone can brag about themselves but it is a true person who comments from their heart and is kind and well meaning.
Sometime I say too many words but I am a passionate person and I am honest and sincere. I have great faith and am a terrible Christian, because I am so imperfect. But I have a good heart and I try hard. I love kindness and dislike bullying. Love is so important in this world yet hate seems to rule. The very people who think change is needed and feel racism and political unrest is rampant in this world are often the very ones who love to stir the pot. Often people want their agenda and bully those that do not think like them. How sad the world would be if everyone was robotic and acted the same way. Honesty and ethics are good things.  You won't hear me talk like this again at my blog. I will simply ignore any hatefulness. I will pray and I will enjoy posting about all the beautiful things tea !
Love and happiness are going to surround me.
Once you learn this you will live happier. My mother use to say, if someone took advantage of me, for instance, "with a friend like that, you will never need any enemies." I have taken that to heart throughout my life. It served me well like her words to me,  pray and then pray harder.
This lovely tea mug arrived from the state  of Virginia and lovely Cheryl. She sent a lovely tea exchange package.
Shortbread to enjoy with tea time and a cheery card,
A sweet book to enjoy while sipping my tea. Thank you Cheryl, you made my day and gave me a smile.
I want to thank Melissa in  Alabama, Cheryl in Virginia  for all the lovely gifts and  Stephanie in Colorado for hosting the Tea Cup/ Tea Mug Exchange.


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading your tea posts.

LV said...

You said it very well. I simply stay away from discussing religion or political issues with others. Your post are always a joy.

Sandee said...

Facebook is an awful place for the most part. Very rude people. I block them and move on. Blocking rocks and it gets those caustic people out of your life. Immediately.

I find that talking about religion or politics is a minefield anymore. Many want to get rid of religion altogether (except Islam) and politics has always been a cesspool. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience on Facebook.

Have a blessed Sunday my friend. Big hug. ♥♥♥

Linda said...

Although I do have a Facebook account I spend very little time there and when I do spend time there, I stay away from the gossip and the negativity. I post things similar to what I post on my blog, to counteract all the bad stuff, and your post today is such a joy. All your posts bring me joy, and this one is no exception. I love tea and everything about tea. The book looks great! I also love the Walker shortbread, it is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing, and God bless you. Sending you much love and warm hugs. :)

Intense Guy said...

I think facebook and twitter gets more people in trouble than any good it might do...

Danice said...

Oh yes, Anne. I also found out just how cruel people can be on social media. This is why I am not on there very often, and limit 99% of my online presence to my blogs. It just feels more welcome and safer on blogger platform. Your posts are inspiring, and your blog is very enjoyable. Please do not allow not-nice people to discourage you.