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Saturday, July 3, 2010


I have battled a crummy migraine headache all day long! Had I known that drilling into my head not once, not twice but three times would leave me with a life long suffering of migraine's, I wonder if I would have chosen the alternative, Jesus sooner!

I love the Lord, I love Him with a passion but I also love humor and I know He loves it too! Otherwise I would be dry and stale and not witty even after a crummy migraine. That started early this morning. I love French Vanilla coffee creamer. Little did I know that the hubby, in a hurry, grabbed "Sugar Free". Those two words and migraine headache with me in the middle is a disaster! First of all my tongue swelled up and I was talking like I had a terrible speech impediment. After a gallon or so of water my head and speech cleared only to knock me out of the ballpark later!

I love my Rockies baseball and I love to see them give those SF Giants  a run for their money! Except I was passed out stone cold from the headache. So here I am at twelve thirty at night recovering.

I was reading a sweet book by Kelly Corrigan titled "Lift". In this book she was writing to her children, something for them to read later in their lives. She talked about little moments we miss in our childhood and in the lives of those we love. So she started writing them down and I am doing that too.

The last thing I recall before zoning out for several hours was my youngest daughter, Who girl, who is nineteen today. Happy Birthday sweet girl! She was standing over me and I said, "Migraine headaches suck." She said  "Jesus loves you." I said "What, I know He does, do you love me?" "I love you mom." and I was fast asleep. Why she said that to me struck me funny. I guess all these years of parenting are paying off. My kids listen when I talk about the Lord and my love for Jesus.

My who girl has been standing in my bedroom doorway for five minutes waving at me. At least that is her story. Finally she giggled and said "Mom, I am waving at you, hello, why do you ignore me.?" Because I am writing about your sweet face I said. Thirty one minutes from this moment nineteen years ago I lay in my bed in my house with my hubby at my side giving birth to this amazing girl. Ah, young woman. Today is she tall and slender and incredibly beautiful. She makes excellent choices in this life and she is one of the five that I rarely have to worry about. She is always in tune to telling us where she is and why and how and when and what . Her birth story another day...

My oldest daughter "Wowie", a name affectionately given to her my her younger brother who could not pronounce her real name really on. She manages a Marie Callender restaurant and.can she tell some crazy stories about customers there! Which brings us back to Jesus full circle. She called me the other night absolutely exasperated! Counting down the days til July 1st when her two week vacation started. "Mom, some old crab comes in here complaining how expensive these pies are. I wanted to say go home and bake your own. But you taught me better then that! Then the old geezer says "I remember when these pies were three dollars." My beautiful girl says "I wanted to say I am pretty sure the last time these pies were three dollars was when JESUS was born." But she said, "I didn't."

Our baby, he is the runner. He is angry with us some day's. He has a secret friend who spends hours on the phone with him and we made him get a job! Aren't we awful parents?! When he was three he attended three different preschools, the Catholic preschool, the Lutheran preschool and the public school preschool. The Lutheran preschool was my favorite. He had a teacher named Miss Coon and she bought each one of her students their very own bible. I am talking, leather bound, real bible stuff, not a cute kiddie bible with a few cute bible verses in it! She helped them memorize verses and those verses are highlighted. I tell you this because he came home from school one day and I was bathing him. He looked directly into my eyes and he was acting like he was drunk! On the Holy Spirit! He said, "Today I learned something. Did you know Jesus died for you and for me? Did you know He loves us all? He loves us mom, He loves us." That moment touched my heart and will stay with me until I draw my last breathe of life.

J, our inquisitive son. Pushing twenty five this year and still asking questions. Still learning, still treating everyone as if they were the only person in the world who mattered to him personally. When our second daughter attended the same high school as him we were registering her for classes and a teacher, who was very popular, and we missed meeting with J because of it through the years, said to us, "Ah at long last, I meet the famous parents of the boy J." He said I need to share something with you. "When your son was in my freshman theology class I posed this questions, 'Who,in your opinion is a good example of a true Christian.' 'Kids answered Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa,' 'But another boy in the class wrote your sons name stating he was a perfect example of Christian love because he treated everyone fairly and noticed how our son singled out that lonely kid, the kids who were troubled or misfit.' I remember standing there bawling like a baby. That story touched my heart and it is another one I will remember all the days of my life.

Tillie is my second daughter, fourth born. She is a tiny package of outdoor voice and love for Shakespeare. She questions life and people and places and loves life. She loves to travel having driven not once or twice but three times across Colorado to Nebraska to see her old flame. She has driven across the country from Virginia to Colorado with that old flames Navy brother. She flew on an airplane alone. She is an independent girl (woman)  also very phamily oriented. At age three she could scurry up the tree in front of our old house like a monkey. She would sit there and "contemplate" life. One day, she came down from that tree, and in her very best, New York accent, (where she got it we will never know)she said "I was up there talkin to Jesus." We moved in closer and listened to her. Eyes sparkling she told us that Jesus said He loved all of us but her sister Rachel had to go home with Him. "He said your parents were sad so I sent you to make them happy again." She told us how much He loved all of us and how one day we would understand it all. I am starting to understand how those puzzle pieces fit! She told her older sisters friend, a confirmed Atheist, "Angela I know God loves you. I am sorry your mom did not teach you about God but He loves both of you anyway." Out of the mouths of babes.

So, like me, when life kicks your can or throws you a curve ball. When life seems impossible and you despise living it, get Jesus. He will never let you down.

I need some rest so I can post my Pink Saturday tomorrow.

God Bless You all and get some rest! I hope you will stop by Charlotte and Ginger and join us for Spiritual Sunday. I need prayer for my daughters honey Phil. Just pray and pray really hard. I also ask prayer for the following: all of our military and your government officials. I ask pray for all the Americans losing their unemployment benefits and have no where to turn.  Pray today. Thanks then go to here


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Anne Bless you for loving your children and teaching them to love Jesus also. This post was very sweet. I too love Jesus he is what makes me whole.

Deanna said...

Thank you for giving me a feel for your lovely family and your love for Jesus.

Hope the migraines go away and stay away!


The Muse said...

Popping in before festivities to say I ever so help you feel better :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Anne,
Thansk for sharing about your family. You really notice them!!! Your post made me cry, laugh, smile, sigh...all the good things :) :) :) I hope you feel better soon. I try and stay away from sugar-free anything because it's not natural sugar, but fake sugar like S plend (sucralose) or Nutrasweet (aspartame). I have inflammatory bowel disease...and sometimes that stuff gives me a real tummy ache. That's all I'll say about that on your blog :) :) :) ..but I hope you feel better!!! Thanks for writing this post. It really blessed my heart today. I'm going to go give my dad another hug. Love and hugs, Heather :)

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hope you feel better! You have a wonderful family and I am blessed to have one too. Yes, I love Jesus!


Charlotte said...

What a marvelous family you have. Compared to what you have a migraine is just a minor inconvenience. Of course I can say that because I've never had a migraine. I'm so grateful for that. I am also grateful for my two amazing children. God is good.
Blessings and Happy 4th.

Parsley said...

THANK YOU for sharing these tidbits of your family's lives. Made me SMILE!

Sweetie...uh...holes in the head 3 times? Email me on that one...;-)

Intense Guy said...

I hope the migraines go away and stay away... and that you are feeling better today...

Thanks for the introduction to your family... they sound like a handful and a half but a blessing in each and every one of 'em.