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Monday, November 30, 2009


I want to start this post by thanking all the great people who helped me this past week before I tossed my blogging career and my laptop out the window! First, to my dear friend and blogging girlfriend Barbara that I have known since my early teen years. You helped jazz my page up without thinking I was the most clueless person alive, taking time away from your sister and your family to help me in so many ways. To Ivan and Jake, my son Jeremy’s friends. Two wonderful young men with more patience than Job! My dear sweet husband Avery who stuck by me even though he thought I was going to start banging my head against the wall this past week! Finally Dr. Kozue Tyler affectionately known as “Koko” my blogging buddy and co worker at the ENT office. This tireless young woman had me log on my blog at 9:15 A.M. this morning. In between her own busy patient schedule she opened every window, every gadget, every blasted icon and then some to find that annoying webfetti icon that would not leave my blog on its own free will. It put these annoying lines on my blog page and cut half my text off! I was madder then a beehive full of bees being hassled by a hungry bear! Finally as I was leaving for my lunch break at 2:27 P.M. this afternoon she found the little bugger hiding in a maze of text and permanently removed webfetti from my life forever!

Whew! That was an experience I would not like to repeat ever in this lifetime! So now I am going to try to use Barbara’s suggested Live Writer to write my blog. It looks easy enough but IT  clueless girls like me have to try before I go into another blogging frenzy.

Years ago when I first came into the Princess House business, Jonel who was my up line always said “Anne, this is not brain surgery.” I would sit and cry and swear I would never hold another show for fear people would place orders and I would have to pull out the ole Math cap! Well, she was right. Once I took some deep breathes and took one order at a time I learned the process. Now the whole thing is computerized and the company does all the hard work for you on line! Granted you do not have to sit there and hand figure each order, just the fact that they have a very nice ordering system makes everyone’s life easier. Today being Cyber Monday and a big Christmas gift giving ordering frenzy I am very grateful that some smart computer nerd developed these wonderful easy programs. The worse thing that ever happened to me with my ordering system is that my mother passed away and I had one show to turn in before I left town for her funeral. I use to keep my hostess and customer credit card #s in a secure lock box at my home but in my state of shock, having lost the precious mom that I had, instead of Alyn H. I pulled Ellen N’s credit card number. You can imagine my shock and surprise weeks later when she called and said the company charged her several hundred dollars for a show she never had! Oops! An apology and a nice Princess House gift resolved that problem not to mention the company reversed that order that same day and charged the correct card! I have since shredded every cc# I had on hand. The great thing about PH and their secure ordering site is that once a card is submitted and the process button is hot all they give you is the expiration date and the last 4 digits of your card number. Thank goodness for high technology even though folks like me aren’t the most super savvy with it!

I am going to load some pics here soon. My little tiny artificial Christmas tree looks very lovely with ornaments in white,silver and blue decorating it. Our cat Rose has designated herself as the tree keeper and she positions herself very carefully behind the tree and rests there. She is too precious. If I can coax her (she thinks she is a dog!) into lying in front of the tree I will get some shots of her.

My son’s big dog, “The Horse” mostly known as Smokey has a chair at his home. They taught him to sit there when the guys get together to watch football or play poker. He will nose you right out of that chair as it is his property! LOL! I need a picture of Smokey sitting in his chair.

Our daughter Rebekah informed us today that when she took her morning shower she put Tink and Bandit in the back yard. Ten minutes later the animal control officer place a warning on oiur door =that someone complained about barking dogs. Now I am alarmed that someone hates out little dogs. The two of them together weigh 30 lbs. I think the chronic complainer has the wrong house. My neighbor Marylyn has a psychotic old Spaniel named Maggie who is a chronic barker. The mystery neighbor, complainer, whoever they are has the wrong house. They sent the police here once and after twenty five minutes of non stop barking the cop said he never heard a peep from our dogs but her dog never shut up! His words, not mine! The neighbors on the other side have a nut case black lab named Audrey and she thinks she is a horse jumper. She is constantly jumping their fence and comes in our yard through the open gate which we leave for our pets. We have never been very happy living here and that is a story for another time.

As my late mother always said “Live is hard, pray harder.”


KOKO said...

LOL Anne, you are so sweet. I am just a nut case about the computer. Even after I slept for 5 hours each past two nights, I am still here loving my laptop. I am glad that this addictive skill of mine somewhat helped you ;P
I am glad you have one less headache in your life now!

Blue Creek Home said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Thanks for sharing the bible verse this morning.

I use live writer and I love it. It took a couple of post to get used to it, but it is fairly easy - especially posting photos.


Dogmom Diva said...

Anne, I am so glad that Koko helped you out..I was trying to figure it out long you said 'it's not brain surgery'. love it! Lookin good, girlfriend!