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Saturday, November 7, 2009

My laptop has been kidnapped!

I just spent 45 minutes trying to download a pic into this blog! All the pics I want disappeared into thin air! The joys of modern technology!

I came home at lunch yesterday to find Smokey and Stella in my backyard! They are Jeremy's boxador and shepherd mix! His room mate had major knee surgery for a torn ACL,MCL and other wonderful ortho conditions! So the kids came for a visit. Stella laid on our bed with us and Boots sat at the end of the bed snarling at her! He really has no concept of sharing anything! He is awfully spoiled! Stella ignored him and ate the crumbs of potato chips I shared with her while eating my dinner! Rose joined the phun and tired to get Boots into a better mood! No luck! Jeremy kidnapped my laptop and I am mad! These kids need to learn to use their own stuff!

Tink hung out with Bandit and the funny little guy just runs in circles whining for Jeremy! He tends to get on ones nerves! I would steal Stella in a heartbeat but Smokey would die of a broken heart so I am in a no win pet situation!

Tink seems to be getting along ok. She enjoys all the pets and Smokey a/k/a "the horse" due to his size is very gentle with her just like Stella. He certainly has sme good dog manners! All in all the evening was grand with pets everywhere!

After weatching all the horrors of the modern world enjoying a quet evening with a pet or two or three at your side is very comforting! :)

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