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Monday, November 30, 2009

Updating the Blog

Go to Mille Fiori Favoriti and check out this great and interesting blog. She has a great giveaway and I am excited to share this with anyone who wants to blog.

I am very excited! Not only am I learning little by little how to get around this blogging business and add some color and snap to my page, I am also getting organized in my home. This weekend was very productive! Why did I hold on to old menus and other junk for years? I am not sure, but this weekend I started to downsize it all. Yahoo! It is such a great feeling to downsize your stuff.

Tink decided to take a walk today and Rebekah said she was gone for about one hour. That girl can book when she wants to! She must have felt great because the temperature was hovering in the 20s today. She must be a very warm blooded little dog! I guess I can confess that Tink does have a record! The dog cops know her really well. She was picked up last year and they made us chip her. The next time she decided to take a stroll she was picked up by a kind person who dropped her off at their vet's office. They called us and back home she came. Why this girl runs is beyond all of us. She must have gpysy blood in her veins! I think originally, when she booked from her previous owner and they got tired of her quickly, they dumped her in our neighborhood and she decided to adopt us! I worry because we had a black lab named Shadow who ran when he got the bug! He was killed on a very busy street, hit by a truck! I knew the night he bolted out the front door, carelessly left open by one of the girls friends, that he would never come back home. I don't want to lose Tinkerbell that way. She is a VID (very Important Dog) or a princess or some royal pet we have owned. The people who dumped her trained her. She is a smart little dog and she will beg for food and she still has a little dance left in her.

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. I am so surprised how quickly the time passes. We have a Robinson family tradition and each year when we buy our turkey we name him. This year Nick is on the fence about calling him "Bandit" for our little rat terrier or Jeremy the owner of the lil dog. While we prepare him on Thanksgiving Day my husband will wash and prep him and call him by name. It is a wonderful tradition that we have had our entire 25 year marriage. So this year what shall we call the lovely nearly 20 lb. bird? Hmmm...

We are a bit sad this Thanksgiving as our oldest daughter and her husband have to work. Our grandson Colton wants to spend the day with his brother Andrew. Andrew is celebrating with his girlfriend & her family so we will be a small group this year. Avery,, myself, Jeremy, Rebekah, Hannah and Nick. If I can get Hannah to help me, she is my photographer, I will take some pics of our Thanksgiving table. She is very creative along with her sister Rebekah and they usually make the place cards for the holiday table. Somewhere around here I can the cutest stoneware place cards that Princess House carried a few years back. You just add the names with a dry erasable marker and voila - - - holiday place card, no hassle!

Speaking of Princess House, I have lots of specials that are opened on a show I am preparing to turn in. Just check out the for the current customer specials and let me know if I can order any for you or for your gift giving. There are some great sales and I am always eager to help. When you purchase a regular priced item you can order two specials but when someone does not want those specials I give them to anyone who would like to save some mney and have some great gift giving ideas on hand or adding to your own collection of beautiful products.

Winding down, I want to wish all of you a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving. Count your blessings because you know you have many more then lots of folks out there.

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