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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The HomeFront

The phamily is settling in for the evening. Hannah is going to hang out with a friend after a full day of classes. Nick is resting his legs after a 3 plus mile workout. Rebekah has not come back from class yet. Tinkerbell and Bandit are resting on the living room sofa. Bandit and Rose are snoozing at the foot of our bed.

Today was a crazy day! After not getting enough sleep I had a severe right side nosebled. I have not had one since 2002!It scared me as I was driving from the park and ride. I got it under control once I got back home and ended up changing my blouse because of the crazy thing!But I felt crummy all day and felt dizzy and tired. I think I am worried about Tink and it is showing in my life.

Tink seems to be acting ok. She sleeps a lot but I think part of it is due to her age. She is no teenager and I worry how this liver disease will effect her.

Having lost my oldest sister Pat to liver disease I am very informed about it. The difference is Tink won't be able to tell us when she has had enough. My sis was a clean living human being. She was a non smoker and I never saw her drink alcohol. She raised 5 wonderful sons and lived in a picture perfect house. She was kind and considerate and very talented. I should have such talent. But she got tired of hurting asnd being ill. She went home to die and I know that day will come for all of us but probably for Tink sooner then later. My sister Mary made a good point. She said maybe they misdiagnosed Tink and her bad teeth are making her sick. I know in people bad teeth can cause heart disease. It is such a vicious cycle, life. I think lots of things go thru your mind when you have a sick loved one. I know some people would frown at the passion and concern and care felt for a silly little dog but when someone is part of your phamily as long as Tink has I think you do what is necessary to keep that individual comfortable. Ah life...

I need o catch the next sale at the Bath and Body Works. During the holiday season they carry the best Vanilla Bean Noel lotions and soaps. It is one of my favorite things only available during the Christmas holidays.

It is always good to catch a good sale.

My husband was a happy camper because I got a bag of natural pistachios for him from the Mountain Man lady Gail today. Those are yummy & good for your heart,m in moderation.

If anyone out there likes hearts and keeping heart disease at bay primarily with women, check out the Princess House Go Red items available. They make wonderful gifts and they are reasonably priced. You can help the cause against heart disease and you can help my phamily help Tink!

I decided I would not use this blogging for political reasons. Just remember to pray and vote so we can keep doing all the wonderful things we can do being Americans.

But I am going to touch on the Michael Vick issue. I think people like Michael Vick should have to volunteer in animal shelters and hospitals and see the rage humans can inflict on innocent pets. I believe he served his time and he deserves a second chance but I think he should never, ever forget what he did and I think if his career takes off, he should have to donate a portion of his salary for the rest of his life to help animals. I have always been a lover of animals and my phamily has had many,many pets through the years.

On a recent trip to my hometown in Pueblo, I was stunned to see the condition of the cemetery where my parents are buried. Prairie dogs and foxes have destroyed the grounds. I am always torn about how to move these critters without harming them because I know on farms and ranches they are deadly. We have to remember farm critters are animals too so we don't want to see these harm other livestock yet I hate to see them gassed or poisoned because prairie dogs are bright little creatures and they live in homes just like we do. Foxes care for their phamilies like people do but darn can they destroy the earth with their digging! Any ideas what we can do about these problems would be appreciated. I think our political people forget these simple things when they get involved in their high powered political corrupt agendas that leave the working folks out in the cold. There are lots of issues that common people have turned around in the political arena. Let's ban together and do more!

I am going to figure out how to spread the word here. I want to know how to get around other blogs and find out what folks are up to.

Good night from Tink and the Robinson's. Remember life is hard, pray harder. :)


Nadine said...

Wow, sounds like you have really gone thru alot this past week....Hope things do get better and you can relax once again..

I pray God takes care of you and your family. Please give Tink a hug for me..
That poor baby is suffering so...

Dogmom Diva said...

Great posting this week I actually think that Tink sounds like she is not in pain and you know what, you WILL know when it's time. You will.

Have a great weekend my friend love you