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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vaccines for Tink

The vet who gave Rebekah the bad news about Tink now wants to update all her shots! I am not sure it is a good idea. The poor girl barely goes outside for her business and primarily stays inside. I remember my brother, who is fond of terriers, had a cute little dog named "Stormy". He went to the vet one day, got all his shots and came home and died on the patio! My friend Chris had a cat named "Quervo". He went to the vet. came home and got out of the house and was accidentally hit on the head by the automatic garage door opener and he died! I know shots for pets are a good idea but I am just making a point. These two pets got their shots and died within hours, possibly because, just like humans, God has His own time table about when it is our time(or their time)to go. But I am not convinced that a little cream colored pooch who was given a death sentence is going to need those shots when her number is up! I would appreciate any comments.

I need to get our video camera out! Last night Nick sat on the bed and tossed cards at Rose. That crazy girl cat sat there and batted those cards everywhere. She is such a playful little dickens! The night before, Boots sat on the foot of our bed and swayed his tail in Rose's face! She would give him a good swat, he'd cry and they would do it over and over again until I had to chase them off the bed! Pets are indeed just like children!

My job is crazy busy and I am always grateful to have it. But I need a break and tomorrow I think we deserve a bit of a rest! We are behind getting our weekly charts ready for the busy work day but to be fair, we have been short staffed.

Meanwhile, I am trying to collect PH or BC orders so I can help Rebekah help Tink. I am a little frustrated because I use to be able to sell my PH like mad but with this economy I really struggle. Any advice? I am always willing to try something new to stir up new business.

I like nice jewelry as well as any gal but I see my friends attending these jewelry parties and paying thru their noses for costume pieces when I can not get any orders for beautiful hand cut PH wine stems or how about a set of champagne stems to ring in the 2010 New Year? Healthy cookware, buy a set, get a set half off. That is a terrific idea to buy 2 sets with a friend and split the cost! Even the Go red items are a great gift giving idea while helping the Women against heart disease campaign.

I am also a little sad because I don't have many blogger's interested. This has been a tough week, I am still struggling to put together the Pink Saturdays with lovely Beverly from How Sweet The Sound. I suppose one day it will all come together.

Goodnight for now and please tell everyone you know to check out this blog. Check your gift giving needs and contact me as I am ready to help you make your Christmas shopping affordable and easy as 1-2-3!

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