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Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am having the worst time ever blogging! I have to go to the help icon more then anywhere else! I input the same info each time and it rarely accepts it! I want to join the Pink Saturday's but I am having trouble getting all my info input to give to Beverly! Drats! These computers give me a fit!

Tink is frisky today! She is constantly bothering the cats and wanting to eat all their food! I know my big boy Boots is a fatty catty but Tink ,really! Must you be so insensitive to the poor boys needs! Gosh!

I want to get involved in the Pink Saturday's. I thought since I am an avid Barbie collector, I could never run out of pink stuff! Plus I got a brand new pink tunic top and anyone who hangs out with me knows I rarely venture into the great outdoors without my pink Nuggets cap! My favorite pjs are pink! I make ginbgr bread men/ladies with pink ribbons on their bods! But my daughter Hannah is drenched in pink! She has a totally pink bedroom with hot pink sheer curtains draping everything! Her comforter and sheets are pink,pink and more pink! Her sister Rebekah says "I hate pink, get away from me! Yet she has the cutest pink satin prom purse! I own a pink, yes pink, Yankee's watch! HA! My favorite bible is pink for goodness sake's and Hannah has a, pink, laptop! But this pink Saturday deal has me going nuts! I will be at the ARC and the Goodwill collecting, what else, more pink stuff! I own 2 reusable pink grocery bags! But darn it, a gal I work with owns a cute pink Hyundai Accent! Hannah has a pink guitar clock. Stella, Jeremy's pet has a pink print dog collar! I am into pink so I must start my pink mission! My cell phone is pink. I must finish this blog entry in order to direct my attention to everything pink! I know I have pink blush and pink lipstick here somewhere! Hmmm.....

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Dogmom Diva said...

I love your blog, you are a natural girl..I wish i were sitting there helping you least you have pink things..I have barely any pink and don't get out enough to antique shop window shop and take pics or anything, thus my best pink friend right now is google! If I can help you let me know..I have a couple of easy tutorials I willl email u xoxox