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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today was a very productive day. Nick ran a good race in Fort Collins. He ran 17.42 and came in 108th. Not bad for a boy who had his first experience at State this year. The weather was perfect and I got to enjoy time with my lovely daughter Noelle and my grandson Colton.

We had a late lunch at the Cracker Barrel and Colton & I hung out for a spell and sat in a very cool rocking chair autographed by Alan Jackson! Yahoo!

We got home and let Bandit & Tink out. She had a couple accidnets and can hardly wait to get outside and do her business.

We took Nick to Jeremy's place and visited fora while. His room mate Ivan had major knee surgery and is hooked up to the neatest contraption to work that knee. Smokey and Stella were calm and enjoyed our visit. Poor Chauncey (Ivan's little dog). She is spastic anyway, and with his knee and all the pain he is experiencing, she was doomed to her kennel ppstairs. Jeremy was grumpy, having just gotten home from work and their friends John C. and John V. were sweeping and straitening up their place.

I was bummed that no one called me with Princess House orders. I thought I might sell a few tea kettles and help Rebekah help Tink No luck this time around.

I am hoping to clear out some of my PH in storage and sell it cheap for the upcoming Christmas holidays. I have my eye on a singing turkey that is antimated at the Cracker Barrel! Hmmm...

I will probably use the empty office in my office building to display some PH and see if I can earn cash for Tink that way! There is always period 12 which has some extra cool specials that are not on the regular special flyer. The $200 cutlery set with wood block is selling for $70 so that alone is a huge savings! A good cutlery set is always welcome during the holidays.

Nick will spend Thanksgiving in Arizona. There are 7 of them traveling with their Coach O'Shea for some national level cross country. I am going to use whatever my bonus from my full time employer is, to help Nick achieve his goal. I wish somedays I were super wealthy. Nick goes to school with lots of kids that could use extra help and I have dreamed about having the kind of money that could send the coach & his guys to Arizona without a worry!

No one can take your dreams from you! Besides Nick needs some basic stuff like running clothes because in these national running competitions, you can not wear your school uniforms! Anyone connected with my Face Book account can view some pics I put on there. Noelle has more and I am hopeful I can add to my album tomorrow.

We are going to Noelle's for the Cowboy game tomorrow. She is having a pizza party and we can watch the game on their big screen tv.

We need our rest as the Bronco's face off with the Steelers on Monday night football.

I am going to check my laundry and check on Tink. She curls up in her little blue bed next to Rebekah's bed and snuggles in for the night fairly early. The cats have been fed and I need to check the food supply for Tink & Bandit.

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