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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thanksgiving : The Most Underrated Holiday!

I love Thanksgiving! I think it is very sad that it is a very under rated holiday! No one seems to care about the value this wonderful holiday holds. It is a time to visit with phamily and friends and enjoy good food and share all the blessings of each year! You don't see a lot of holiday stuff for Thanksgiving. Oh sure, an occasional pilgrim or two! But no really cool Thanksgiving "stuff".

I have always made this special day very special for my own phamily just like my parents did when I was a kid! I long for the days when all the phamily gathering round the table to share in a delicious feast and spent hours visiting with each other.

Today people rush about and all the magazines have these bland low fat, low cholesterol foods. Listen, I have worked in the health care field for 26 years. Your genetic make up is what you will be stuck with. You can eat all the raw carrots your heart desires but if you inherited high cholesterol, you are stuck with it! Then you can take all these great drugs that add to your problems by giving you more side effects. More health troubles!

I found out to control my migraine headaches, a product of three neurosurgeries, in the 1980s, I had to learn to read labels because there are foods that cause migraines. There is also a lot of physical activity you can do to avoid these nasty headaches and watching your weight or your diet is a good thing. Just don't get so wrapped up in in all that you forget what Thanksgiving is all about. I know there are many people who won't be so fortunate and won't be having a nice phamily gathering this year. With unemployment double digiting, lots of folks are barely getting by! If you feel that you are on overload, lend a helping hand to someone less fortunate then you! I have often looked at my own life, and we have very little yet we are rich compared to people that feel despair and hopelessness during the holidays. We have jobs and are grateful to be working. We have health right now and that is so much more then lots of folks. We have health insurance and even though it is an oldie with lots of miles, we still have a car to drive. We live in a rental house with lots of problems but the roof currently isn't leaking so we try hard not to complain. We have faith. Something I know is lacking in America today.

I was struck by one of the young soldiers who died at Fort Hood Texas this week. A
young man who chose to go to war rather then a mission trip with his church. being from Utah, I am assuming he was a member of the LDS church. Maybe he felt compelled by GOD to do something different and in doing so, he lost his life. But I am hoping and praying that he is in the arms of the Lord tonight. Out of the pain and suffering this cruel world can dole out. I never understand why God allows so many good, decent people to be taken especially at such a young age. But I know God has a plan for each one of us and I must keep trusting Him. Because one day I will stand in front of Him in all His glory and then I will know it was certainly worth the pain and suffering I have had to experience. My heart aches for the phamilies who lost their loved ones this week but I know God koves each one the same and I am hopeful many will see their loved ones on the other side.

Good night and God Bless!

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