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Thursday, November 5, 2009


This is one of those evenings when you would just like to settle in and relax. Then you tune into the news and there is it- mass murder at Fort Hood, Texas! A world gone mad. No one can ever figure this stuff out. School shootings, families destroyed by suicide,broken marriages, people rushing everywhere. No one stopping, no one seems to care! Ah! But someone does care. We have removed Him from most ever single aspect of our lives. Does anybody look for God? Does anybody even care? People go to churches,looking for friendship and food and fun. Does anyone go there to really talk to God? T.V. preachers can show you how to amass a fortune. Live in a mansion. Evidently, these lost souls have never walked past a homeless person. People get too comfortable in their own circumstances and then they can not understand the struggles of someone else. Swine flu, bird flu, HIV, you name it you can get it! Hopelessness, helplessness. Living in a society of "entitlement". People entitled to everything but helping themselves. It is not going to get any better. Not unless we come full circle back to the One who created it all. America has forgotten God. Christmas is coming upon us. Do people stop to even think about Him? They think about how much debt they can create before they can not afford to create anymore. They think about anything that puts them as far apart from Him as they can. Then no one can understand why the world has gone mad. Somethiung to think about...

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