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Monday, November 2, 2009

Help Us Help Tink

Since Rebekah is at the end of her emergency money, Tink had an x ray that did not reveal any tumor. Unfortunately, the vet office wants to order a CT or MRI. This costs three times what the x-ray cost and Rebekah shelled out for the blood work. It cost double what she was told it would cost. I think it is a scam that vet's will play on your love for an animal to try to bankrupt you into spending money for useless tests when they know the sweet little poodle girl Tink will be doomed to die from a very horrible disease. So we are going to try to get everyone we know to help us out. If you are looking for any elegant Christmas gifts check out the Princess House specials. Period 11 ends on Friday 11/6/09. Period 12 starts on Saturday 11/7/09. Order as many specials as you want. We are offering these special deals so we can help Tink stay comfortable with her illness. You can buy a gorgeous stainless steel teapot that whistles for $50. The regular retail on this teapot is $120! It makes a great gift or a special addition to your own kitchen. It is a very practical gift or purchase for yourself. There are lots of great specials you may purchase. No limit. Just remember the hostess special items are not for sale. They can be purchased when you host your own show. The beautiful Go Red hand blown ornament can be purchased for $3 when you place a regular line item order. Anyone can reach us with questions.

Tink seems to be ok for now. She eats small portions and she drinks lots of water. We see her resting a lot throughout the day and night. She never leaves Rebekah's side when she is home with her and she still likes to follow anyone around with a plate of food. We had a wonderful cheesy lasagne dinner tonight and she was there at Rebekah's side hoping a small morsel would fall into her mouth! Our plan is to help her stay warm and comfortable as long as she is not in excruciating pain. If we get to that point with her, then we know what we have to do.

Tink is a real survivor. When she came into our home we know that someone, probably a woman abused her. She was very nervous around women for the first year she lived with us and if you got near any stairs she had an accident and stood there shaking like a little leaf. She warmed up to the men in our home more quickly and she still likes to cuddle close with the guys! It took her over a year to feel comfortable riding in the car. We think someone dumped her out of a car and left her to fend for herself. Today she will hop in the car with you and she likes to ride shotgun if you let her! LOL

All of our pets have rallied round Tink. The cats are showing her respect and Bandit rarely let's her out of his sight. For a small fellow he watches over Tink as if her were her big brother. It is so precious to watch the animals interact with each other. They really know each other's heart's. It makes you feel good.

We know Tink is getting on in years and her sight and hearing are not as sharp as they once were but we will do our very best to care for her as long as the Good Lord allows that.

We are not financially wealthy people but we are wealthy with love and kindness in our crazy household full of people and pets.

Please let us know if you need any Princess House.

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Dogmom Diva said...

I found your blog it's great...when you get comfy with it let me know and I can send you som links for backgrounds, or if you want me to do one for you email me your google info..I hope after all these years you would trust me lol!
Tink sounds like she is doing fine for now, I will check out your should add the link here for it so easy for folks to find...but I can do that if you want...let me glad to help you get this off the ground. I can also post about tink and link to your blog if you like...
love YOU