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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Phamily Pets

The nightly news upset me this evening. If that was not bad enough the fact that I was under the weather last night did not help. This crazy weather we have, blizzard today, 76 degrees tomorrow does not help. I have my sinuses acting up and you think working for an ENT office I would have a magic cure. No such luck, much too busy for that!

But the pets are doing good tonight. Boots is resting comfortably on my side of the bed after he sniffed around my empty cereal bowl looking for a drop of milk I presume!he likes to be alone. She is very expressive and sometimes she craves her alone time. Just watch your self, because she will attack you like a little criminal when she wants her playtime!

Bandit is experiencing some type of crisis. I noticed him showing off his domineering traits when he and Tink took a bathroom break in the yard today. After Tink tinkled he walks over and mists the very spot that she did her business! He is a sad little dog,missing Jeremy most of the time. We walk him, and talk to him and take him for rides in the car but he prefers to sit front and center on the back of the sofa waiting, I suppose, for Jeremy's next visit!

Tink is doing ok. She seems to have a bit of a constipation problem and Rebekah needs to call her vet and find out how to get some relief for her. Last week, she had the opposite problem. I think part of it is due to her age but we plan on helping her as much as we can for as long as the Good Lord allows us to keep her here, pain free!

Any suggestions anyone may have are welcomed. Anything we can do to help Tink is greatly appreciated.

She enjoyed a nice half hour in the sunshine today. I stopped by at lunch to check on the pets as the kids are at school and she and Bandit had a nice run in the backyard while I kicked off my shoes and took a 30 minute break from my job! She and Bandit are thoroughly annoyed by Audrey, the psychotic black lab next door and Maggie the old crabby dog on the other side of us. They don't like the incessant barking so they tend to chime in instead of enjoying their time in the sunshine.

As this evening settles down, we will pray for all those lost to senseless violence today and we will pray that God will allow Tink more days of fun then sickness.

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