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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snow Pictures

I am posting a few pics that Hannah, my youngest daughter, ventured out into the frigid cold to take for me. I am not a blog expert by any means and I am not even sure if I will be able to post images and other bells & whistles to my site but just having a few moments to express my thoughts on Tink, my phamily and my snowy day recipes is good and well for me.

The wonderful thing about Hannah is that she just asked for a cup of hot cocoa when she got back into the house. She is very computer savvy and she does not ask for much pay!

I have to post some PH pics so I can get some business rolling. My friend Alyn has been out of work for a long time and I would like to help her. I am also trying to help Nick get to Arizona to compete in Cross Country.

I started this blog to talk about Tinkerbell. She is our little poodle dog that is not completely well right now. She loves Rebekah and she had been stranded with her friends last night. When she walked in the door today, Tink followed her downstairs and is happily watching an Emily Bronte made for dvd movie with her. I was hoping to get a few shots of Tink but she is resting now so I will catch her next blog!

Hannah wandered around our yard and took a few nice pics. I love the snow. It is so pretty and never lasts too long. I like the last pic of our shed door with the horseshoe above it. Although the shed is old and very small, it houses our lawnmower and some storage overload. I am going to blog about organizing my stuff, or rather my phamily's stuff.

I need to catalog my dolls, as I have a vast collection. I need to photograph each doll and keep a computer disc on my doll history in case of fire or theft. I also have a big Barbie collection. I have some used Barbie's housed downstairs in the laundry room on some old shelving. There are many different rooms and occasionally I like to switch things around and move dolls into different venues. They have a nice laundry area as well as a couple dining areas, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living/dining area. I have lots of different families of Barbie's all together.

I think sometime there are not enough hours in the day to get all the things done that I enjoy. I need to finish frosting my red velvet cupcakes and peel potatoes for our weekly menu. Sheperds pie and red chili on the menu so far.

Later I can relax with a mug of hot cider complimented by my good friend Jim Beam. My friend Hiram Walker and his delightful Blackberry brandy helped relax me for a nice restful sleep with my hot cocoa. I am not much if a pill popper and if I can avoid drugs I do so. As a child my mother gave us a cup of hot tea with honey,lemon and a splash of whiskey when we had a cold. None of my siblings or myself have any drug or alcohol problems. We also remained very healthy as children. I think those old fashioned moms really knew something about old fashioned remedies.

My sis Mary in Pueblo is suffering with a bad headache today. She is going in for some tests and can not take any Motrin or Advil or anything like that. I suggested she put a dab of muscle rub on her forehead and around the sinus area, avoiding her eyes! It seems to help me and I suffer from migraines from my V.P. shunt placement. Her hip is bugging her and I am sure she suffers from "bad bones" like me. The term osteoporosis is so darn clinical. Our mother had bad bones and suffered a broken hip in her latter years. I drink celery juice and it alleviates joint pain. I love that Jack Lalanne. He is my late mother's age and still kicking! I think genetics has about 90 percent of how you are physically but his healthy diet never hurt! I could never eat the amount of celery I can drink in a glass of juice. God Bless Jack LaLanne and his famous juicer! It is an absolute luxury in my home I do not think I could live without.

God Bless To All! Enjoy your Sunday to the fullest!

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