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Sunday, November 1, 2009


I am starting this blog so I can show my phamily's devotion to Tinkerbell, a scamp of of a little poodle who showed up in our yard on Memorial day 1996. She stole our hearts and has been part of our phamily since that very day. She is ill. The vet found, via a blood test, that Tinkerbell has liver disease. We are rallying around our precious pet to show our love and support. I am the biggest blubbering fool in the phamily. I have been the one noticing her decline in recent months. We want to care for this little creature who took our breathe away 13 years ago. We are a house full of people and pets. There is Avery, the dad of the Robinson clan. There is Bandit, the black and white rat terrier who at age 8 is showing his greying whiskers and his senority in this clan of craziness. There is myself, Anne, mother of this brood. Tinkerbell has been with us longer then Bandit but she has always taken a back seat to him because she knows he is dealing with his sadness and longing for Jeremy, our son and his master, who moved away and lives with Smokey (boxador) and Stella (part Shepherd mix). These two incredible pets are loving and sweet but they pick on the little guy like no one can imagine.Bandit enjoys his safe harbor here in Northglenn with us. There is Boots, the particular old man of cat kingdoms. He has always been a very gentle and calm pet. He would let the girls dress him up and make him look so silly in different outfits and venues when he was a small kitten. This 20 pound plus "big boy" is the second in command to Bandit. He is strong and smart and he cares for his phamily. When I was terribly ill several weeks ago, he never once left my side and he sleeps on my feet at night because he knows my feet are cold! :) There is Rebekah, our beautiful 21 year old daughter & ; college student. Struggling financially to get thru college and earn her degree so that she can also earn her Master's degree.This is a girl sleeping on a sagging mattress so she could use her emergency money to help Tink. There is Hannah, our 18 year old college student. Our free spirit girl who loves photography and art more then history or literature. There is Nick, our 16 year old sophomore in high school and top cross country runner. This is the boy who swore Rose would die an untimely death by the hand of a wicked father divorcing his friends mother and taking their cats kittens to the river! Of course, Avery & ; I fell for it all and Rose came to live with us. This once skittish kitten has a mane to rival the king of the jungle. She is a beautiful petite domestic long haired cat who is very elegantly clothed in beautiful grey fur. She knows her place as the youngest and most energetic of the bunch. But she also knows her friend Tink is currently struggling with her health decline and she and all the Robinson clan have rallied round to help Tink. We ask everyone we know to help us pray for Tink. We know life is very fleeting and Tink will not be with us forever but we ask that you keep her in your prayers so she can be comfortable and happy with her phamily as long as the Good Lord allows it. Please forgive me that I am new to all this blogging business and I am just winging it.
Mr. Bandit
I want to thank my lifelong friend Barb because she started me on this blogging journey.  We started out as pen pals at age 13 and here we are today. Thank you Barb for your friendship, your encouragement and your love of furry friends too.
Boots my favorite feline friend forever.

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