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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Won Troy's Giveaway and It Arrived Today

Oh My Goodness! I know I already bragged about this but my mini greenhouse arrived today.  I won this cool giveaway at Troy's "I Refuse To Recede". Now those of you that know me also know that whatever I do it sometime comes out backward! For instance, I was trying to cut  and paste the blog name so you could click on it but then it erased my whole post!

So here I go again...Redoing it so I can tell you about it.

Thanks Troy! I am so glad I won! I work in such a stressful office it is nice to be thought of so kindly by so many. I know I was choose my the random selector thingy but none the less I am so grateful to be the new owner owner of one of these cool greenhouses.

I will share more with you as I get my hubby to help me set it up and I will show you the bounty of herbs and maybe even start some tomatoes in here too!

For now, trust me, this is a cool giveaway and I want to thank Troy for his great blog and all the great folks I am meeting through his blog.

I will post pictures when I get this set up.

Blessings and stop by to see Troy too!


Linda said...

Congrats on winning the green house. I hope to see your new plants!

Troy said...

I'm so glad it came. I can't wait to see the great bountiful garden you grow.

Incidentally, the reason that yards were so big in the '60s is that so many families, especially those west of the Mississippi and east of the Sierra Nevadas, had both a large garden and a good sized clothesline, so they needed a large yard.