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Monday, March 22, 2010

MEMORIES IN THE SAND love interesting stories and I have a little story to share. I think we live in a very small world! I love blogging and I enjoy meeting so many wonderful new faces. Last weekend I wrote a post with quotes and bible verses about Confucius, Buddha and Christ.I received a comment from Silver. I enjoy reading my comments so I decided to stop by her blog She had many interesting posts and photos posted there. My eye caught a button on the bottom of her page. It said "Ben" and his name was written in the sand. It had a little message that said if you want to go to the site click on the photo. So I did.

From there I met Kay. She is a marvelous woman living in Australia and she will write your loved ones name in the sand if they have passed away. I took great comfort in this and sent an email to Kay. To make a long story short, and sometime I do tend to get carried away, Kay and I had a common bond. We both lost unborn children. So she went to her beach and wrote my baby Rachel's name in the sand. I can't describe the feeling I had seeing it when she sent the picture to me. I felt so calm yet so reassured that with my unborn baby's anniversary fast approaching I would feel more happiness then sadness simply because someone as kind and generous as Kay has taken the time to make a sadness in my life a priority in her's. I hope you will go to her web page and also look at her Face Book page.


Linda said...

What a sweet person to do that. I am very moved by your post today.

Anonymous said...


You wrote Rachel's name on my heart today.


jen said...

wow -- how inspiring, i will look at her blog right now.

Annesphamily said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. I am having difficulties with posting my pics.

We have had rain,thunder,lightening,snow,sleet, you name it, Denver got it!

Jenny said...

I am going to look at her blog right now. This is so lovely.

Your post is so touching.

I am sending you a gentle hug today, sweet lady.