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Monday, March 29, 2010

My Double Giveaway Win(s)!

I won a three book set at Kat's. Her blog is She reviews books and I always enjoy going over to her blog to listen to what she has to say! She had a double book set giveaway and I won the first one. I will post more when my prize arrives! I was tickled and truly blessed to win this! Because I still have two daughters at home it was especially meaningful to win this book giveaway.

Then I came home this evening and found out I won Jenny Matlock's give away  at It was a fun Vintage Easter surprise. When it arrives I will blog about it too.

I feel so blessed to have won two giveaways! I spend lots of time commenting on blogs and reading your great comments over here. I like to find new giveaways but I also like the friendships I have formed over here in blog land.

We had warmer temps today but it was to be in the 70s. It was a bit overcast and very windy. You would think it was March! Laugh Out Loud! I am hesitating to plant any of my veggies and herbs because I don't want them to get overwhelmed in the house. The first full weekend in May will be my planting time. You can not trust Colorado and snow in the same sentence! I got married on May 3rd 26th years ago. On April 30th that year there was a major snow storm. You just never know living here. Being a native I know how the weather can be. Finicky, or particular or downright mean and rotten!

I also will post about my first ever giveaway win at Ruth's My daughter and I scraped at her house yesterday for about 9 hours! She has a fantastic scrap booking room. My daughter Hannah made a birthday card for her honey who has an Easter birthday this year! We did not take pics only of the food we ate! My cute little scrap booking book with paper and stickers from Ruth is so precious. I thought of doing black and white pics in it then got an idea, I am going to make a friendship book with it! I think I have enough pics to make it really cute! Yesterday we made a page for Boots my big kitty and one for Easter with pics of the kids, all five of them, when they were small. I have a page or two to dedicate to my late sister and even one for my unborn daughter Rachel who I lost 23 years ago.

I have a first communion veil that I still have in its original little case. I wore that veil for my first communion along with four of my nieces and two of my daughters. I am putting a page together with those photos. It is quite the family heirloom.. I am showing a few food pics because Noelle drove to Pueblo on Saturday and bought  kielbasa at our cousin's  t Market, "Frank's Market and  my sis gave Noelle 2 blood sausages.


vintage girl at heart said...

Yay for you..I am so happy that you won a few wonderful bloggy giveaways!!! You are such a sweet and attentive bloggy friend to all of us!!!
I love my prize from you and have not thanked you properly..yet!
Scrappen' for 9 hours..what fun!!!
Have a Blessed evening!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow two giveaways you are a very lucky lady.
It is fun entering but especially so when you win. lol
I hope you entered my giveaway also.
Sounds like a fun day with your daughter...
Enjoyed catching up over here

Chatty Crone said...

You are a lucky lade - good for you!

That sausage looked so yummy - I'm hungry.


Heart2Heart said...


Your package will leave in the morning as my hubby said he'll drop it off at the post office on his way out! I know God will be blessing you in so many ways and all of these are amazing!

Congratulations on all your other giveaways as well! God is truly good!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Leann said...

Well darn you've got a run of good luck going.

It was great to pop in and see what you've got going on my friend.

Enjoy your week!

Jenny said...

Winning is always good. Actually I think it is the surprise factor that's always so fun! Is this your K post?