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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today Is An Anniversary Day Part II

I have already posted about Kay and her website that has names in the sand which she will write for you if you just ask her. Since I showed you my sister's pictures as a young bride and as a happy mom in Kentucky I wanted to share, if my link connects, my Rachel baby's name in the sand. Thank you Kay for your kindness. I am unsure if you know how much you do for people with a simple photograph.

Today is a tough one for me! I got up and played on the computer, visiting blogs, went to lunch with my sweet hubby and talked to a couple Princess House friends about, well, Princess House! I was trying not to get sad. But then I found this pic of my sis and I started thinking...the Good Lord choose to take my baby girl Rachel, yet unborn on this very day. It had to be one of the very saddest days I have ever had! Since I do not have pictures of my precious angel baby Rachel I will share Kays gift to me, her name written in the sand at a beach near Kays home in Australia.

So here is my simple tribute to my unborn daughter who I will never know on this earth. Yet I am confident that I will meet her in heaven one day. I do have her foot prints and they are so delicate and tiny, not much larger then half my pinkie finger. But perhaps it would be too personal to post those footprints here. Instead I will treasure them while I am here on earth and meet my daughter and my sister on Heaven's side one day.

I don't have music on my blog but listen to the Carrie Underwood song "Temporary Home". You will understand what I am feeling.


Chatty Crone said...

I'm so very sorry. My prayers are going to be with you tonight when I go to bed. That must be hard.

It is like Carrie sings - it's a temporary home . . .

Here is the website you can post on your blog with Carrie Underwood -

Megan said...

My Naomi Elizabeth would be 6 at the end of April (In the next few weeks I'll do a post). We held her... but she was born already in the arms of Jesus.

Thanks for visiting my blog... I look forward to getting to know you! (Becoming a follower)

Praying for you, sweet friend.

Charlotte said...

It is a great comfort to know that this life is not the end but only the beginning. Blessings to you as you grieve for your baby and sister.