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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Your Pet Store.Com

Today was a beautiful day, with temps soaring into the 50s! It was cool and perfect and we worked our tails off cleaning around the house! We took a short rest and headed over to the Mile High Flea Market to see my husbands brother Mike and his father-in-law Clayton. They are the proprietors of the "Your Pet Store.Com". You can check them out on line as well as locally at the flea market located in Thornton/Denver, Colorado. They make many of  their own products and sell a very lovely line of pet collars, leashes and engraved pet tags to name a few. I have a few quick pics to share with you.

These are a few of the items they sell in the store and on line. You can go to and check out their full line of pet products. I love the leashes they carry that prevent your dog from pulling on you. The collars are beautiful and they come in all sorts of patterns and colors. They have a full line of the spike collars for your big strong pets and carriers for the wee ones. My brother-in-law Mike helps out in the store and also many of the shows the do in the Denver Metro area. His wife Lois and her dad Clayton make many of the products and Clayton even dyes the leather. His wife Bea helps run the store too. They have a nice business and it is locally owned and Colorado proud.

We always have fun visiting them at the store and we get to see peoples pets. Today we saw the tiniest little Yorkie. They were buying her a pigs ear, one of those great chewy things that was nearly as big as the pup. They also sell hand engraved pet tags for all your pets needs. I love to watch them engrave the stainless steel tags. Today someone asked for a tag for their dog named "Jay". My brother-in-law once was asked to engrave a dog's name which is unprintable! I am shocked that someone would give their poor pet a nasty name!

But going to the flea market is a fun place and if you are in the Denver Metro area and stop by the Mile High Flea Market stop in to see them at Your Pet Store.


Fleur de Bee said...

Oh how funny...the "beware of parakeets" sign! I need one of those haha! Thanks for the link and the lovely visit! Have a wonderful weekend!

Dogmom Diva said...

How fun, thats what we need, a pet store. I love the fun signs like BEWARE of DALMATIAN..we have some fun signs for our dogs we have collected over the years..I shoud do a post with some of them, lol.