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Monday, July 27, 2015

More Weddings and More Phamily Stuff

I had posted several phamily wedding photo's and I thought I put this one up of my mom's oldest sister Mary Steblay-Mishmash. Her husband, Charles "Uncle Charlie" Mishmash was a wonderful man. He took excellent care of her. They raised three children together, Charlotte, Sonny and Cec. Auntie Mary lost the love of her life on Mother's Day 1965. It is a date imprinted into my mind. A sad day. Auntie Mary visited his grave every day of her life until she was ill herself and could not go any longer. That, my friends, is true love. He was a wonderful carpenter and she a seamstress.  She was small, he was very tall. Beautiful hearts, gone from this earth but forever in our hearts.
This is my Grandma Kocman's youngest sister, Anna. She was married to Steve Malin. I did not know them but I do know they are buried together at Fort Logan Cemetery in Denver, CO. He was a military man. Wedding photos from long ago are so intriguing. I am always wondered what each person was thinking.
My sister Pat's wedding to Gary Ricklefs.  August 19, 1958. Flower girls (l to r) Mary Kocman (Hoffert) and cousin Sharon Trontel. Ushers (l to r) Cousin Ronnie Petkovsek, brother William Kocman. Bridesmaids cousin Charlotte Mishmash  Taullie (next to bride) and cousin Jeanne Medved Litherland. That photo was taken at the MIneral Palace Park in downtown Pueblo. Words are hard to find regarding my sister. She was always smiling, so pretty, so tall. She was an excellent mother and grandmother. She would be tickled pink to see her  great grand children today.
So many people would benefit if they followed this simple rule.

No one will be there for you like phamily. Being raised in BoJontown was a blessing and I am so sad so many do not embrace their heritage. Perhaps one day they will and I hope it will not be too late.
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Denise said...

really nice post.

Intense Guy said...

None of my living family visit my grandparents and other departed family but me. I can't get them to even go with me. Hugs.

Edna B said...

What wonderful old wedding photos. I think it's great that you were able to find so many of them. And I agree that time spent with family is worth every second, and then some.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.