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Thursday, July 16, 2015


Ambrose, Mr. Frank Garvas. Someday I am going to go on and see what I can manage to find about our boarder. I do know his nickname was "Ambrose" and you know, I do not know a Bojon man that does not have a nickname. The strangest one I ever heard was "Nazi" and it belonged to Fran Papish's husband, James! I am reminded to tell you a story about Communism  and the girl shown in my mom's first communion photo on my blog header. I will make a note so I can write about Mrs. James Turner, formerly known as Hedwig Marold (Marolt).
I do believe in this photo there is my sister Patty Kocman (Ricklefs), Mary Ann Trontel (Brown) and Bill Kocman as well as Ambrose, Auntie Annie, her son Ronnie, Uncle Tom Binder (married to  Auntie Jo) and  my Auntie Jo. Bojons love to take photos. I just wish they would have written on the back of more of them.

Ambrose lived in the little two room house behind my parents home. It was a cozy little place with a

bedroom and full bath. My mom prepared his meals and he lived with us for a long time. The only

thing I did not like about Ambrose is that he disliked cats. Otherwise he was a very nice old Bojon bachelor. I may have mentioned this before but cat in sLOVenian is mačka.

My phamily brings up memories. and lots of great ones. I remember when Ambrose passed away. we rode in a big black car to the cemetery. I had never been in one until that time. I am not sure what kind of work he did when he was younger but he probably had  a little pension and was a good boarder for my folks. I am hopeful I can find some information about him to share.

I think we need to search for our ancestors. I think we owe that much to not only ourselves but those who come after us. I love the researching. Cousin Kay says think of it as a puzzle and you are finding the pieces that fit! Good encouraging words.
This one really touched my heart. I shared a long conversation with Cousin Juliane today. When I heard her voice I had to catch my breathe. It was like speaking to her mom, Auntie Millie. I see  and hear the same kindness, the silliness, the good decent person she is just by the sound of her voice. Plus she is a Bojon girl too so you know I am a little prejudice! Sorry, Uncle Sam, you had to see those Italian genes in your grandkids, the next generation. You were a blessed man. Both you and Auntie Millie. The circle of life, and it goes around and around.

So I will be back and tell more stories. I have so many written down on paper and in my paper that I will enjoy sharing with each one of you. This quote leaves all of us with something to think about. Until tomorrow lanko noc


Denise said...

truly love your blog.

Intense Guy said...

I think Ambrose was his middle name.

Frank Ambrose Garvas (24 Sep 1882 - Mar 1965) was born in Yugoslavia.