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Sunday, July 19, 2015

My BoJon Heritage Continues: BoJon Moments: Some Random Photos and Thoughts for Today

My favorite mug! My niece Karla, I mean Santa Claus, found this mug for me. Now I need a t shirt to match! I was thinking of making a t shirt that says it is in every sLOVEnian and on the back say Bojon Power! Bojon's have a lot of LOVE in them!
Jeremy, San Diego 2014. He won the Circle of Excellence Award at his job. Won an awesome trip to San Diego Has a good work ethic. Reminds me of this man:

My folks with my older sister Pat as a baby around 1937. Michael Deverich talked about his grandpa "Moon" and how he had a snazzy wadrobe. I notice in all these vintage photos the clothing is always so stylish and smart. BoJon's are snappy dressers!
My dad fishing. I would love to have that time back and be able to sit on a river bank and visit with him.
My folks with some of their grand daughters  from left to right: Mary, Carrie, Noelle, Holly and Karla. This was about 1976. Time flies quickly. Good memories imprinted on my heart.
Living in BoJon Town and growing up there had so many wonderful advantages. We lived close to most of our relatives and within walking distance of at least one grand parent. I spent a lot of time with my Grandpa Kocman after Grandma Kocman's death. He was a wealth of information and I am proud to say, my father was so very much like his own dad. Makes me smile.

I spent a lot of time with this grandma too. My grandma Steblay. She lived in the Grove but stayed with me a lot when I was a kid. She was a hero to me. So kind and worked so hard to make a life for her children after the loss of her husband and youngest son. I often wonder how they were able to survive after so many losses, a husband, a son and three babies for this grandma. She was strong willed and smart.
I wish I could make everyone I know understand how important hanging on to those you were raised with and those that are still here are. Once a person is gone from this life all you have are the memories. We were raised by good and Godly people who placed their faith and their phamilies first. Today people complain they are too busy. I think it is so sad, Too busy to make time to be with your own phaimly. I think it is a sad excuse and certainly a poor one. I am happy I was raised by people who loved their own flesh and blood and passed that on to some of the next generation. It is something I strive for in my own phamily.
The smoke stacks from the Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation. My own father worked there over 47 years. My father-in-law too. I grew up hearing the sounds of that steel mill. Good memories. You can never steal away from my heart.
My beautiful mother. Cecilia Mary Steblay. She was the love of my father's life.
Many weddings and other celebrations were held at Saint Joe's Hall in the Grove. Thank you to my friend Karl in Pennsylvania for finding these images for me. tomorrow I will share more weddings with you. Until then :


Edna B said...

I'm just catching up again on your reminiscing. I love the old photos and the stories. That steamer trunk is awesome! I can't imagine traveling with something that big. I also loved your "hat" birthday cake. You have a wonderful day, Hugs, Edna B.

Intense Guy said... has an apron... maybe they have t-shirts too!

Mevely317 said...

"In my heart is a memory .... "

Wow, I LOVE that quote! It sure struck a nerve, and prompted a smile, albeit melancholy.
I think I'll pause my reading for tonight and take that smile to sleep.