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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vintage Wedding Bells

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Jo Steblay and Thomas P. Binder. One of these days I will find my copy of a photo of the bride and groom close up! They were beautiful. She was my mother's baby sister, he was in the Army Air Corp. She grew up in Pueblo and he in Yankton, South Dakota. Beautiful memories.

My dad had five sisters and three of them were younger than him. This is Auntie Steffie on her wedding day to Uncle Art June 28, 1941. What a handsome couple! I am amazed how families afforded to send their children off with such beautiful weddings. But they were simple people with small means yet they loved their children and gave them weddings that most today would drop their jaw at! These Bojon girls married for life and loved their husbands. The men often worked while the women stayed home and raised the children. Uncle Art and Auntie Steffie owned a store and she worked with him for many years. They too raised a large phamily. one son and five daughters. These two kind hearts were the norm for their generation. Simply good people with dreams like everyone else. Bojons always sent their daughters off with a church wedding and lots of guests at their receptions with often featured many of the traditional foods.

Uncle Art and Auntie Steffie. Wow! Stunning couple. Simply magnificence dress. Her sister Anna at her side. I am guessing the other gentleman is Uncle Johnny Skender. My goodness, where have all the years gone?

Here is my mom's sister Ann and her husband Frank Petkovsek. A beautiful wedding and there is Uncle Louie, I think he stood up for all of his sisters. What a lovely wedding gown and just a beautiful group of warm and funny folks. Bojons are like that. My aunt and uncle raised a son and a daughter.

My dad's baby sister Millie married Uncle Sam Cosimano.  The background is St. Mary's Church in Pueblo. It was March 2, 1957.
Look at those crazy kids kissing. They were together for many years. They raised two sons and three daughters. It is hard to think all of these lovely wonderful folks are gone. Good Bojons, Uncle Sam was Italian. Good man, decent, kind, hard working. I miss them all so much.
Elsie was another younger sister of my mothers. She married Uncle Edward "Munson"Trontel. There is Uncle Louie and Auntie Ang. Always at their siblings side. Do you see a pattern here? Bojon's loved their phamilies! Elsie and Munson raised one daughter, Sharon.

All the brides here carried beautiful bouquets. I still have  two weddings to show off. My are my dad's sisters Anna and Mima. If anyone has a wedding photo of Auntie Mima please let me know. She is the only one I am still searching for.

Lots of people had fancy cakes with fountains and bridges when I was younger. But you never went to a wedding for Italian or Bojon couples that was not catered by Auntie Mima and her crew of helpers, all related by the way! She was a wonderful cook and my sister tells the story that auntie learned how to cook from her own mother, Grandma Kocman. If you asked Auntie Mima to share a recipe she would not be able to give it to you, not because she did not wish to share it but because she cooked for crowds. Her recipes serves 100's of people and most of us do not need to cook for that type of crowd! I will share more memories with you about Auntie Mima and her culinary skills! I also will try to finish my wedding photos too. Until tomorrow:


Edna B said...

Such beautiful wedding photos. Wow, that white and purple cake is just gorgeous!! "Auntie" was very creative and talented. When you are ready to make your blog book, you want to make a special one featuring only these "Bojon" posts. It should make quite a wonderful book. Now I'm off to do a few chores around here. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

SmilingSally said...

Hi Anne,

You have a large family of beautiful brides. Such elaborate gowns! I really like that blue bouquet.
Thanks for playing today.

Happy Blue Monday!

Joy H said...

Beautiful vintage gowns and the cakes were also so pretty.
Many new brides go for much smaller cakes these days.
Have a great week!
Joy @ Books and Life

Denise said...

loved this post.

Intense Guy said...

Beautiful photos - they are just filled with love.

Mevely317 said...

Love those olden gowns!
... But mostly, love the sense of honor and commitment that sadly seems to be lacking these days.

Sure n' we've all these incredible life-changing inventions that makes our lives easier ... but are we poorer for not appreciating what our grandparents and their parents enjoyed? Just last night my sweet DIL was responding to a comment about their new home ... I think the commenter was insinuating they're rich. "L" just wrote back, "Yes, we're rich -- in blessings."